Why Ignoring Your Air Conditioner’s Noise Costs More in the Long Run

When it comes to HVAC repairs in Phoenix, you should always take them seriously; especially when the temperature flirts with 120 degrees. Even if it’s a small issue that doesn’t seem to affect the overall performance of your A/C, it can easily develop into a complicated problem that leaves you facing costly breakdowns at the most inconvenient of times. If you notice any issues with your air conditioning system, even if it’s just a strange sound, you should take immediate action to resolve this issue and scheduled service as soon as possible.

What A/C Part Needs to Be Repaired Based On Noise

Air conditioning systems are composed of many parts that are intricately designed to remove heat from the home while circulating cool air. If just one of these components happens to break down or malfunction, it can affect the overall performance of the system and even lead to total system failure.

How Can You Detect if One of These Components is Broken?

Listen for the noise your air conditioner is making and if it’s making the following sound, you may have a part that needs repair.

    1. Clicking Noise

AC Relay Switch Definition

This often signals an issue with the electrical work, such as the relay switch.

    1. Buzzing

This is most common when there is an electrical issue.

    1. Banging

AC Compressor Definition

This often signs an issue with the motor and/or compressor.

    1. Rattling

This often signs an issue with the ducts, fan, or internal mounts.

    1. Squealing

This often signs an issue with the motor belt, in which it may be work or broken.

Take Action & Fix Your A/C Issue Now Before it Becomes More Costly to Repair

Failing to address any of these noises, or schedule inspections and repairs, can lead to further internal damages. You don’t want to avoid taking action if you hear any of these noises. What may start out as a little problem can quickly develop into a huge, expensive problem. Don’t wait until it too late! Call your friends at ACE home services at (602) 943-2000 to schedule a service call. We will help detect and fix any issues with your A/C and get your system back and talk condition.