Why a Noisy Air Conditioner Needs Repair

If you notice a flat tire, you don’t wait fix it until it’s popped and torn. Just like a tire, you shouldn’t wait to address the noises coming from your A/C.

Noisy A/C? Fix It Today!

Your cooling system is designed to run silently, composed of a complex network of parts that work together to provide you with cool air. If just one single part is not working, you may be able to hear it. A noisy A/C is a sign that something is wrong, and you should address it immediately. Ignoring noises from your HVAC system can result in further problems and costly repairs.

ACE Home Services Noisy AC System Diagram

Common Noises

The following is a list of noises commonly heard from a malfunctioning air conditioner:

  • Banging: suggests that there is an issue with the motor or compressor
  • Buzzing: suggests that there is a major issue with the electrical network
  • Clicking: suggests that there is something wrong with an electrical component or relay switch
  • Rattling: suggests that there is an issue with the fan, internal mounts, or ductwork
  • Squealing: suggests that the blower motor belt is worn out

ACE Home Services AC Noise Repair

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Even if the problem doesn’t sound bad, you don’t want to wait until it’s too late. Small problems can affect other parts of your A/C, resulting in bigger problems and total breakdowns. Avoid this by calling us at (602) 943-2000 as soon as your notice noises coming from your A/C. Our team at ACE is available around the clock. We are ready to help you get your A/C back to cooling your home, quietly and efficiently.