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Here Are Some Signs to Look for That Suggest Your Water Heater Is Failing

  • Do you see any drips or leaks? Is there any water accumulating under the water heater? If so, call a professional immediately. Water leaks are never a good sign and should be handled properly.
  • If you use a gas water heater, then check the pilot light. Is it lit? Is the flame yellow instead of blue? A yellow flame can cause excessive smoking and soot build-up in the combustion chamber.
  • Is the water in your shower too hot or too cold? Does the temperature of the water reflect the temperature that is set on the water heater? Differences in these temperatures signal that there is an issue.
  • Is rust coming out of the faucet? Is your water murky? Dirty water is a sign that your metal tank has began rusting on the inside, requiring a professional to drain and flush the heater before assessing it for further damage.
  • Is there bending and cracking in the surface of the tank? Is it making weird or abnormal sounds? These are signs that you need to replace the water heater and consult a professional.