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Does Your Air Conditioning Need to be Replaced?

As good as today’s HVAC equipment is – and some units are extremely good – even the most durable central air conditioner eventually will give out. Machinery breaks down; it loses its energy efficiency; it requires more frequent and more expensive repairs. For every Tempe household and business, sooner or later you will face the need for AC replacement. When you do, you can do no better than to contact ACE Home Services to arrange for a new cooling system.

5 Signs it’s Time for a New HVAC

Air conditioners in Arizona only last about 15 years and that’s if you’re lucky. In many cases, residents find that their A/C unit lasts just 10 years, while others miraculously make it to 20-plus years. But age isn’t the only factor weighing on your air conditioner, so take a moment to read over the signs your air conditioning is on its way out.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #1

Are You Paying More for Power?

Old, inefficient equipment will work harder and longer to bring less cooling comfort, usually resulting in slowly rising electrical consumption.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #2

Do You Have Enough Refrigerant

Older cooling systems use different types of coolant, such as Freon, and if you run low your HVAC unit won’t run as efficiently as it should. If you have a leak, this could be a serious issue and expensive as refrigerant is expensive to replenish.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #3

Has the Repairman Been Out for a Visit More than Once Lately?

If you keep putting more and more money into your HVAC system only to continue having problems, you might want to cut your losses there and invest in a new air conditioner – one that won’t have any issues for a long time with regular maintenance.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #4

Are You More Humid or Warm than Usual?

Have you noticed your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be blowing as cold of air as it used to? Or perhaps the air feels a little more sticky than you remember? If you experience either of these issues, it could be a sign that your cooling unit is failing.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #5

How Many Years Old is Your Air Conditioner?

When it comes to air conditioners, age is an important factor. Not only do the years put wear and tear on the unit, but each new model is far more efficient than the last. This means your cooling with less energy and bills. However, if your unit is over 10 years-old, it may be on its last leg and on its way out.

We understand your desire to save money by repairing existing systems, but sometimes repairing your air conditioner becomes more expensive than replacement. Each time our representatives are called out to your business or home, you incur charges. The replacement parts cost money, and your energy bills climb as the years pass. The costs of keeping an aging, inefficient central air conditioner in service sometimes are subtle, since you do not pay all at once, but over time. A few hundred dollars every few months may not seem equivalent to thousands for a new system, but consider how much better spent that money would be if it applied to a newer, more energy-efficient central air conditioner.

Signs of Air Conditioning Troubles

Frustrating as it may be, Tempe’s high outdoor temperatures take such a toll on central air conditioners that 10 years of use is often considered a success story. While your neighbors in the Midwest or Northeast may brag about getting 20 years of life out of a central air conditioner, you can consider yourself lucky if your system gives up after only a decade.

Do not misunderstand. At ACE Home Services, we truly do love Tempe, its fine people and its beauty. But we are out in Tempe’s 15-degree July days and we have been battered by more than a few haboobs. Our trained technicians see how dust breaks down electric motors, how high heat bakes the metal and roasts the components in central air conditioners.

Weather Can & Does Play a Role in A/C Health

If your Tempe home or business relies on an AC unit 10 years older or more, you may be spending money unnecessarily on an energy hog. Modern central air conditioners can provide plenty of cooling power for a fraction of the electrical power they once consumed. Your energy bills will fall along with the temperature inside your Tempe home or business.

Advances in technology include:

  • Units with variable-speed air handlers;
  • Thermal expansion valves (known in the trade as TXVs) for refrigerant efficiency;
  • High Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) to operate well in high temperatures.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends buying the system with the highest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) you can afford to maximize savings.

ACE Home Services can help you select and purchase extremely efficient systems. We can then install your new system custom-fitted for your Tempe home or business. Because we are local, we are convenient for servicing your HVAC system in the years following our installation.

Quality Service by Experienced Air Conditioning Technicians

Whether you are searching for a split system for your home or a package unit for your Tempe business, ACE Home Services can offer you several brands and many models to select from, then follow through with a thorough installation:

  • Correctly measuring your space to determine cooling load;
  • Measuring and laying out ductwork, or modifying existing ductwork, for greatest cooling power;
  • Removing your old central air conditioner;
  • Inspecting and upgrading electrical service;
  • Installing your new central air conditioner;
  • Testing all connections, safety cutouts and refrigerant lines;
  • Adjusting and programming thermostats and sensors;
  • Providing instruction on efficient use of your new system.

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3 Considerations for New HVAC Installation

Before deciding on a new HVAC unit, you must take these three factors into consideration.

ACE Home Services - J Manual Icon

1. J Manual

The J Manual is every HVAC installation technician’s go-to guide and it’s used for calculating your home’s cooling and heating needs. By referencing this manual, we ensure that the air conditioning unit we’ve chosen for your home will be adequate enough to cool every corner of your house. We do not simply look at your previous AC and replace it with the same size unit; we do it right from top to bottom so that you can rest assured.

ACE Home Services - Ventilation Icon

2. Ventilation & Ductwork

As we assess your cooling needs, we fully inspect your ventilation and ductwork to ensure there is no damage and that the air in your house circulates in a manner that works with your air conditioner. This avoids putting unnecessary stress on the AC – keeping your energy bills low and your unit cooling longer.

ACE Home Services - SEER Rating Icon

3. SEER Rating

SEER, also known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, is an important measurement regarding how much energy your air conditioner uses and how much money will come out of your pocket to pay for the cooling and heating it produces. SEER ratings range from 13 to 21 with the higher number providing the most efficiency and costing you the most upfront.

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Tempe Residents Turn to ACE A/C Replacement Services

ACE Home Services can help. We can suggest rugged equipment built with a goal of outlasting other manufacturers. We can make recommendations for operating your system so you eke out the longest life possible and we can provide service after installation to keep your system healthy.

Contact ACE Home Services today by calling (602) 943-2000 and be sure to discuss our great financing terms, plus our excellent specials that could save you a bundle on your new central air conditioner.

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The beauty of our desert landscape sometimes masks the tough climate in which we expect our man-made machines to function flawlessly. Consider why Tempe enjoys the Fantasy of Lights parade every year – it takes place at night when temperatures are lower. (OK, it’s also dark, which helps.) Nevertheless, the heat and dry air take their toll on central AC systems. Add to that the ultraviolet rays from all our sunshine. UV rays break down chemicals in plastics and rubber so fan belts on outdoor AC units break, gaskets fail, and insulation around wiring becomes brittle and falls off..

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