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Ways to Prevent Costly A/C Repairs Before they Happen

ACE Home Services Tip: Change Filter

ACE Tip 1: Change Air Filters

If you’re not changing your air filters monthly, or more often if you run your unit a lot, you’re causing a lot of problems for your HVAC system as a whole. When debris prevents airflow, the entire system becomes suffocated and doesn’t operate as efficiently as it should – costing more money to operate. Do your air conditioner and your pocketbook a favor and change those filters.

ACE Home Services Tip: Adjust Thermostat

ACE Tip 2: Configure Thermostat

An incorrectly configured thermostat can cause a lot of confusion and problems, so make sure yours is set to turn on and off as the home cools down. If you run your system too often, the system will become overworked and run less efficiently. Similarly to a suffocated system, an overworked one will cost you more money to run. Check your operating manual to see optimal operating times.

ACE Home Services Tip: Inspect Coil

ACE Tip 3: Clean Condenser Coils

You can buy air conditioner condenser coil cleaner at your local hardware store and using this stuff regularly can drastically reduce your risk of an expensive repair. Keep your coils clean and they will continue to function as they were intended to.

ACE Home Services Tip: Pro Help

ACE Tip 4: Get a Tune Up

Don’t skip your annual air conditioner tune-up as this is the most effective way to prevent costly repairs. A professional inspection of your air conditioner will ensure connections are tight, relays fire in order, and air ducts are clear of dust and debris.

ACE Home Services Tip: Clear Debris

ACE Tip 5: Don’t Let Debris Pile Up

One of the biggest repair issues we see is caused by poor yard maintenance – allowing grass, weeds, and other debris to collect around the outdoor unit. When this happens, you can severely damage your air conditioner; making repairs a necessity. The best thing to do is to keep plants away from your outside system and to clean it out regularly; especially if leaves collect inside it.

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ACE’s A/C Repair in Tempe

If something can go wrong with a mechanical system, Tempe is a great learning laboratory to discover it. The high heat, dry air, haboobs, and other adverse conditions will subject the outdoor unit to brutal tests every day of the cooling season. The interior unit will get a constant workout, providing welcome, cooling relief to everyone.

With so many moving parts, electrical connections, and liquids circulating through the HVAC system, when something does go wrong, you need the highly trained technicians of ACE Home Services to be on the scene.

They know more than Murphy’s Law – they know the science and technology behind your central AC. From Boyle’s Law to Charles’ Law to the Ideal Gas Law, the installers, repair personnel, and technicians of ACE Home Centers can take theory and put it into practice fixing your Tempe AC system.

Why Reliability Matters in an Air Conditioner Repair Company

Tempe is beautiful, and at night the beckoning desert and cloudless skies call to something deep in our souls. But by day … by day the routinely hot desert air drives us indoors, escaping what U.S. Climate Data says are average temperatures of 71.3 degrees, with June highs up to 120 degrees.

Your outdoor central air conditioning components (the compressor, compressor fan, condenser and refrigerant lines) have a huge task to withstand the Sonoran’s high heat and low humidity. Add in periodic dust storms and you have a challenge some equipment simply cannot endure.

ACE’s Air Conditioning Services in Tempe

A central air conditioner, whether the split system most Tempe residential customers have or the packaged, central air unit favored by many businesses for rooftop installation, has several key parts:

  • A compressor and compressor motor;
  • At least two fans, with fan motors, pulleys and fan belts;
  • An air handler;
  • A condenser with capacitors;
  • Refrigerant lines;
  • An indoor evaporator coil;
  • A plenum and ductwork.

In addition, electrical controls, such as solenoids, relays, switches, capacitors and circuit boards, control the system’s reaction to inputs from thermostats and sensors.

In other words, your Tempe HVAC system has a lot that can go wrong with it. The technicians of ACE Home Services will approach your issue with logic and precision, refusing to simply replace random parts. We respect our customers’ money and time, so we prefer to diagnose first and repair as needed.

Our Repair Process

ACE Home Services can provide AC repairs – air conditioning, AC, central air; however you want to describe it – for your Tempe home or business. We are locally owned and operated and work often in the Phoenix area. Our technicians and crews know the conditions your equipment is subjected to so they know where to start searching for trouble as soon as they arrive.

AC repair work begins by listening carefully, both to the equipment and to you, the homeowner or Tempe business owner. You hear clicking, buzzing, or strange whirring sounds? Maybe a fan motor has seized. You feel no cool air blowing, but the outside unit is constantly running? Maybe you have lost coolant, or something stopped the indoor blower from working. We need to hear you describe the problem, so we take time to ask a few key questions:

  1. How long have you noticed the problem?
  2. What did you observe?
  3. Are there any unusual sounds or smells that happened along with the problem?
  4. Are there any recent changes to your home or business, such as remodeling, other contractors on site, or employees, kids or pets interfering with any part of
  5. the HVAC system?

Some of these questions may seem strange. Yet our experience has seen that a small change could lead to big problems. A little child stuffs socks into a register, clogging the vent, and before you know it your system is unbalanced and you are sweltering. An employee accidentally changes your thermostat to Celsius from Fahrenheit and changes the time, so everyone freezes in the late afternoon.

Our technicians will diagnose and remedy your unit’s ills quickly, using their well-stocked equipment trucks and their vast knowledge of all brands of central air conditioners.

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A/C Repair-work Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Often an issue with an air conditioner can be repaired right at home. While at other times, A/C repair needs to be done by a professional. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. We hope that we’ve provided the right answer to your air conditioning problem.

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Tempe Residents Turn to ACE A/C Repairman Services

ACE is proud to have served Tempe residents for more than 20 years and we’re forward to being here for you for another 20. In this time we have earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating for our friendly customer service and knowledgeable technicians. Contact us today to experience the ACE difference.

By contacting ACE Home Services at (602) 943-2000, home owners and businesses alike can tap the resources of local, friendly, knowledgeable representatives who can make your AC system work as it should. When you contact us, you can learn about our convenient financing, our service specials and so much more.

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The Sonoran Desert is no friend to central air conditioners. In some ways, trying to extract a little cool air for Tempe homes and businesses from the hot, dry, fragile ecosystem of the Sonoran Desert is a constant uphill battle. From time to time, Tempe AC systems just give out. They cannot stand the heat, but they have no way to escape the desert conditions. They depend on you, the Tempe homeowners and business owners, to get them the care they need.

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