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Our 21-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up Includes:

Thermostat Icon

1. Thermostat Inspection

The thermostat is the main component responsible for keeping the A/C running well and achieving the desired temperatures in the home. It needs to be inspected for proper functionality and to ensure that the set temperatures reflect the thermostat reading.

Plenum Icon

2. Plenum Inspection

The plenum pan gasket ensures proper flow of air through the unit during those hot summer days. Surprise residents can have their plenum checked for any faulty components that need to be repaired.

Inspect Ducts Icon

3. Air Ducts Inspection

The air ducts are perhaps the most common cause of A/C failure. If the air ducts get clogged with dirt and debris, the unit is unable to propel col air into the room. During our A/C tune up, the unit will be examined for any clogged air ducts.

Air Duct Leak Icon

4. Air Duct Leak Inspection

The air ducts system needs to be airtight to ensure that air is flowing smoothly into the home during those hot summer days. The ducts require regular inspection to ensure there are no costly leaks.

Condensate Icon

5. Condensation Pan Inspection

The condensation pan needs to be free of any pools of water or leaks. Our A/C tune up will inspect the current water levels in the pan to ensure they are at the required levels.

Condensation Drain Icon

6. Condensation Drain Inspection

The condensation drain also needs to be inspected for any clogs in the openings that may prevent airflow.

Blower Motor Icon

7. Blower Motor Inspection

Your air conditioner’s blower motor is responsible for moving air around your home. If it doesn’t work, your cool air doesn’t move to where you need it to.

Blower Motor Run Capacitor Icon

8. Run Capacitor Inspection

The electrical charge that is produced by the run capacitor can affect the functioning of the A/C. It needs to be regularly inspected for any operational issues, and the damaged parts need to be replaced. The run capacitors determine if there are any potential safety issues with the unit. They need to be inspected to determine if replacement or repair is necessary.

Blower Wheel Icon

9. Check Blower Wheel

The blower wheel helps with getting the house cooled down quickly. If it’s stuck or rubs, you could be losing efficiency and spending more than you need to for A/C.

Measure Air Flow Icon

10. Air Flow Inspection

The airflow determines the quantity of cool air that blows into the home. Poor airflow is the number one cause for the home not getting cool enough during summer.

Safeties Icon

11. Safety Inspection

An unsafe air conditioner can lead to very dangerous consequences; fortunately, our technicians know what to look for so that your family is perfectly safe at home as your A/C runs.

Electrical Wiring Icon

12. Wiring & Connections Inspection

We make sure nothing has wiggled lose and that all connections are firmly pressed together as a small wire that isn’t plugged in can be cause for the A/C repairman to make a visit.

Operation Icon

13. Operation Inspection

In addition, all the starting components should also be inspected to ensure the unit actually turns on when necessary.

Condenser Contractor Icon

14. Compressor Contactor Inspection

The air conditioner’s contactor is the component that switches the outdoor unit on and off. We make sure it fires as expected.

Relays Icon

15. Relay Switch Inspection

A quick test of the air conditioner’s relay switches will ensure that your unit turns and and cools when you need it to the most.

Capacitor Icon

16. Capacitor Inspection

If you have a bad run capacitor, the whole unit will suffer. We check each of your systems capacitors to make sure there is nothing wrong with them.

Starting Component Icon

17. Starting Component Inspection

Is your system starting up correctly and are the components running in the correct order? We make sure they are.

Refrigerant Icon

18. Refrigerant Pressure Inspection

We can actually test the refrigerant levels for your system to ensure our numbers match with the manufacturer’s suggested pressure level.

Condenser Motor Icon

19. Condenser Motor Operation Inspection

If your HVAC condenser isn’t running at a specific speed and voltage this could be a recipe for disaster. We test these settings.

Insulate Pipe Icon

20. Tube & Panel Inspection

Insulation is important towards efficient A/C operation. Otherwise, the air would lose its cold temperature and the unit would blow only warm air into the home. Our A/C tune up will inspect the tubes and ducts for proper insulation.

Operation Efficiency Icon

21. Operating Efficiency Inspection

We want to make sure your air conditioning unit is operating efficiently and not costing you an arm and leg to cool your home during summer months.

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How Regular Maintenance Prevents Costly A/C Repairs

Like any other machine, your air conditioning unit needs to be regularly inspected for optimum functionality. This means that the components of the unit need to be tested, cleaned and replaced as necessary. With an A/C tune up, your unit will run better, use less energy, and keep the home much more comfortable. A tuned up A/C also improves the quality of indoor air.

Surprise homeowners often don’t realize how much they can save by having their A/C units properly tuned up every so often. In fact, scheduling for a tune up before the seasons change (before summer and winter) can enable you to reduce your energy bill significantly. This is because the beginning of summer and winter can exert undue pressure on an A/C unit that hasn’t been working well.

With our A/C tune up service, you don’t have to worry about a spike in your energy bill. The comprehensive tune up service has you covered.

ACE’s Air Conditioning Maintenance in Surprise

If you need your A/C to be tuned up, contact Ace Home Services. We carry out a comprehensive tune up procedure that will leave your unit working at its best. We have been servicing Surprise, AZ residents for over 20 years and we know what your A/C needs to work well. And because we never charge extra for overtime, weekends or emergency calls, we always have you covered when you need our services the most.

Because we have the best interests of our customers in mind, we carry out an in-depth tune up of your A/C that consists of 21 different procedures. We guarantee that after the tune up, your unit will be working much better than it was before. These steps involve:

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Surprise Residents Choose ACE A/C Maintenance

To make sure that your A/C is working well throughout the year, we make it easy for Surprise residents to access our tune up services. And because we offer financing options, discounts for seniors and veterans, and we don’t charge for overtime, your services are simply hard to beat.

Call (602) 943-2000 to contact ACE about scheduling a tune-up today! Our technicians are friendly, intelligent, and quick. Discover for yourself how we earned a Better Business Bureau customer rating of A+.

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