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Ways to Prevent Costly A/C Repairs Before they Happen

ACE Home Services Tip: Change Filter

ACE Tip 1: Buy New Air Filters Monthly

For your A/C to function well, the filters must be clean. Clogged air filters a very common cause for the failure of the unit. The filters can get filled up with debris and prevent air from flowing freely in and out of the unit. To restore airflow to a clogged unit, we can inspect your filters for any clogging of dirt and debris. We can then replace any faulty filters with new and more effective ones. Our services are guaranteed for high quality and competitive pricing.

ACE Home Services Tip: Adjust Thermostat

ACE Tip 2: Check Your Thermostat Configuration

More homeowners are relying on programmable thermostats to keep their homes cool without having to constantly turn the A/C on and off. Thermostats are great for convenience and energy savings. If you experience any issues with working your thermostat, ACE Home Services can repair or replace this critical component of the system. We possess knowledge of the working of multiple thermostats models and can assist you in restoring the functionality of your unit. An overworked air conditioner is a quick road to replacing it.

ACE Home Services Tip: Inspect Coil

ACE Tip 3: Clean Your Condenser Coils Once a Year

One of the hardest working components of your A/C is the condenser coil. It is the main part that is responsible for generating the cool air that will be circulated throughout the home. In many cases, the condenser coil tends to get trapped with debris and other foreign objects. These items may be propelled into the unit by the fan or outside weather conditions.

ACE Home Services Tip: Pro Help

ACE Tip 4: Have Professionals Tune-up Your A/C Twice a Year

Hands-down the best way to avoid an expensive AC repair bill for your air conditioner is to have it professionally maintained in the spring and fall. A pro HVAC contractor can quickly assess any obvious issues, while at the same time tighten loose screws, secure electrical connections, and check relay switches. There are DIY maintenance steps you can take yourself too.

ACE Home Services Tip: Clear Debris

ACE Tip 5: Keep Plants & Debris Far Away from the Outdoor Unit

If you have construction materials, garbage bags, or yard debris piling up next to your air conditioner this could be a recipe for disaster. Make sure grass, plants, and pets are kept away from the outside unit too as any damage to the A/C can have long-lasting complications.

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ACE’s A/C Repair in Surprise

We all know how hot it can get in Surprise and Arizona as a whole. During those humid summer months, your air conditioning unit is often the only protection you have from the blazing heat. But what happens when the unit breaks down? Indeed, A/C systems are sensitive machines. They work hard to keep cool air in our homes while expelling the hot air. When you’re A/C stops working in Surprise, AZ, don’t hesitate to call ACE Home Services.

Why Reliability Matters in an Air Conditioner Repair Company

At ACE, we have the needs of our customers at heart. We are always just a phone call away, and we never charge extra for weekends, holidays, or overtime. This means that we’re committed to getting your air conditioning unit up and running in the shortest time possible.

ACE’s Air Conditioning Services in Surprise

It is important to know that your A/C is not fail-proof. Many things can go wrong with your unit, especially if it is an older unit. Some of the issues that you’re likely to experience with ACE include:

  1. Us listening to you – the customer;
  2. An inspection of the entire cooling system;
  3. Testing of durability using modern, precise equipment;
  4. Problem diagnostics;
  5. Suggestions and recommendations for the best solution for you;
  6. Clean-up before we leave.

It is not uncommon for some of the interior parts of the unit to become loose and fall off, especially under the heat of the Surprise sun. This often leads the A/C producing a banging and clanking sound whenever it’s on. Over time, the internal parts of the A/C can continue to get damaged due to all the banging involved.

If your A/C experiences any of the above issues and stops working or blowing cool air, ACE Home Services can come to the rescue. We are available on very short notice to carry out any of the following services on your unit.

Our Repair Process

The most important reason for A/C repair is to reduce the amount of energy it incurs to keep your home cool. A faulty A/C is the number one reason for high bills during the summer. It occurs because your unit is working extra hard just to keep the home as cool as it should be. Therefore, repairing your A/C is very important.

When you work with ACE, you’re guaranteed to receive the following service:

  • New equipment parts when available;
  • Less expensive replacement, though not from the original manufacturer, should you choose this;
  • An attempt at repairing the broken part;
  • You’re in the driving seat and we make our decisions based on your direction.

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A/C Repair-work Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a question about why your air conditioner won’t work? If so, continue reading to check out our frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question listed, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to contact us directly. One of our friently and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to assist!

  1. Can I Finance My Air Conditioner Repair?
  2. Can You Fix a Commercial Air Conditioner?
  3. What Does an A/C Compressor Cost to Replace?
  4. Am I Hiring the Right HVAC Contractor?
  5. How Can I Avoid an HVAC Scam?
  6. Which A/C Repairs Can I Do On My Own?
  7. What Does an A/C Condenser Cost to Repair?
  8. What Does an A/C Compressor Cost to Repair?
  9. What Does an A/C Blower Wheel Cost to Repair?
  10. Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Work?
  11. What Does an A/C Evaporator Coil Cost to Repair?
  12. Does My Cooling System Have Electrical Problems?
  13. What Can I Do to Make My A/C More Efficient?
  14. Do You Have an HVAC Checklist for After a Monsoon?
  15. What Does an A/C Freon Leak Cost to Repair?
  16. Why Won’t My A/C Blow Cold Air?
  17. Do I Need to Fix My A/C Now or Can I Wait?
  18. What Does an A/C Ductwork Cost to Repair?
  19. Is There a Way to Check for Low Air Conditioner Refrigerant?
  20. Do I Need to Buy a New Compressor?
  21. Do You Offer Carbon Monoxide Leak Tests?
  22. Does My A/C Need to be Repaired if it Makes a Noise?
  23. How Can I Prevent a Cooling Unit Breakdown?
  24. What Does an A/C Condensation Pan Cost to Repair?
  25. What Does an A/C Condensation Drain Cost to Repair?
  26. What Does an A/C Dry-charge Cost to Repair?

Surprise Residents Turn to ACE A/C Repairman Services

If you are experiencing poor performance from your Surprise air conditioner, schedule a service call with ACE Home Services. We’ve been serving Valley residents for over two decades and in that time, we’ve earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. But don’t take our word for it, see the ACE difference for yourself!

If you’re experiencing A/C issues in Surprise, AZ, don’t hesitate to give us a call us at (602) 943-2000 to contact us about scheduling.

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