Should You Leave Your AC Unit Running When You Aren’t Home?

Should You Leave Your AC Unit Running When You Aren’t Home?

Leaving your air conditioner on while you are away can actually save you money! Not only will this action keep your house at a comfortable temperature, but it can prevent potential problems from occurring in your home. All you have to do is increase the temperature on your thermostat anywhere from seven to ten degrees. For someone who is away from their home for more than eight hours in a day, this can reduce your energy costs by up to 10%. It’s a win-win!

3 Reasons You Should NOT Turn Your AC Off When You’re Gone

Even if you are leaving for a long vacation, or just trying to escape the Arizona heat, you shouldn’t turn your AC off. If you turn your AC unit off, your home becomes susceptible to reaching sweltering temperatures of 90+ degrees. The heat and humidity in Arizona can cause the following issues to occur in your home:

1. Overworking Your Refrigerator: If your home lacks proper insulation, your whole house can easily overheat during days with hot temperatures. This forces your refrigerator to work twice as hard and often causes breakdowns. If you are in need of proper insulation, you can call ACE, as insulation is one of the many services we provide.

2. Damaging The Structure of Your Home: Arizona summers are not only notoriously hot, but can reach high percentages of humidity. If your AC unit is turned off, the air in your home won’t circulate and the humidity will accrue into destruction. Doors will swell, mold will form, plaster will crack, and wood floors will buckle. These severe damages will end up costing you much more than your energy expenditure for leaving your AC unit running.

3. Spoiling Food: Just like it effects your home, the heat and humidity can affect the food in your home. Fruit, vegetables, bread, and other perishables will go bad much quicker with the A/C turned off. Even the cork from a wine bottle can pop out due to high temperatures, leaving a mess for you when you return home.

Hassle-Free Savings

ACE Home Services Thermostat

Constantly adjusting your thermostat when you leave your home may seem inconvenient. If this option does not suit your busy lifestyle, ACE Home Services has a solution for you: Programmable Thermostats. Programmable thermostats do the work for you by automatically adjusting your thermostat’s settings to your personalized schedule. You will have complete control of your home’s comfort, even when you aren’t home!

If you would like to know more about Programmable Thermostats, we have plenty to share with you here.

For further information, speak with one of our experienced technicians and find the solution that is best for you and your home!

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