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Does Your Air Conditioning Need to be Replaced?

With summers in Scottsdale reaching temperatures that can literally fry an egg on the pavement, a functioning air conditioning unit is not just a luxury, it is an absolute need. As the thermometer reaches upward of 115 degrees, having an air-conditioned space to cool off in is not just about comfort, but about safety as well.

Arizona AC units are among the hardest-working machines out there, constantly battling the sweltering summers that often last for five months out of the year. Eventually, every desert homeowner will find themselves having to decide if it is time to replace their air conditioner. It can be difficult to know when the right time for a unit replacement is, so here are five key signs that your A/C is near the end of its life.

5 Signs it’s Time for a New HVAC

If your air conditioner is older than 10 years, it’s definitely pushing its Arizona expected lifespan. But age alone is not a definitive guide to knowing whether your air conditioner needs to be replaced with a new one. Below we’ve listed several of the most common warning signs that an air conditioner is on its way out.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #1

Would You Like to Lower Your Electricity Bill?

It’s not unusual for Arizona residents to pay hundreds of dollars a month for electricity in the summer, especially with the AC running at maximum capacity. If you have an older unit, it has to work even harder to cool your home, and the constant use of power is going to burn up your budget. Recent innovations in air conditioning technology have produced units that are more efficient than ever, which will save you significant money on electricity costs.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #2

Is Your air Conditioner Running On Old Refrigerant?

If you haven’t heard, the United States government has elected to phase out the use of Freon as an energy-saving measure. While this has long-term positive effects for everyone, in the short-term it has had the side effect of driving the cost of Freon through the roof. Many older units need regular refills of Freon, which adds up to major dollars. It might be worth replacing your unit for one that runs on the new refrigerant (R410A), because you will have to make the switch eventually anyway.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #3

Are You Tired of Spending Money On Repairs?

Many homeowners think of their air conditioner as a ticking time bomb, counting down to its next expensive repair. Older units can have problem after problem, and even small repairs add up to big money. Or you may know that there is a big repair on the horizon, one that is going to cost a large amount of money. Replacing your old, worn-out unit with a new one can stop those repair calls in their tracks, saving you money, time and stress.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #4

Do You Find Your Room is Never Quite Cold or Warm Enough?

Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own home, and an inefficient air conditioner can affect your ability to relax, enjoy your space and even get a good night’s sleep. Making the smart investment to replace your old unit can be a life-changer in terms of day-to-day comfort and happiness.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #5

Have You Owned Your Air Conditioner for 10 Years or Longer?

Although a well-maintained unit can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, you run the risk of costly repairs after the 10-year mark. Especially in Arizona, it is normal for air conditioners to begin to break down at a certain age. As a homeowner, you should consider if investing in a brand-new unit is worth the expensive repairs it can save you down the road. In this case, the answer is often yes.

We understand what the extreme temperatures can do you an air conditioner and in our experience, units are in need of replacement after about 10 years. If you air conditioner is around this age or older, have one of our technicians inspect it.

Signs of Air Conditioning Troubles

If you can relate to any of the five factors above, you may want to look into replacing your air conditioning unit. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until it’s too late and putting yourself in the position of having to suffer through a broken air conditioner in the dead of the Arizona summer.

Weather Can & Does Play a Role in A/C Health

Arizona goes through rough weather, whether in the height of summer or the brisk cold winter nights. We also experience a monsoon season that brings in inches of rainfall in small burst storms, winds strong enough to take down trees, and enough dust to trigger anyone’s slightest allergies. All of this is bad news for your air conditioner and your friends at ACE not only know this, but know how to inspect your air conditioner for storm damage. We know what to look for, because we are Phoenix residents too!

Quality Service by Experienced Air Conditioning Technicians

Because a new air conditioning unit is a major investment, it is important that you do your research and get several quotes. Unfortunately, there are many AC companies in Arizona that take advantage of the extreme heat, knowing that Valley residents are looking for the best way to stay cool. Prices can vary wildly between different companies, so give yourself enough time to contact at least a few different ones to compare prices. Make sure that ACE Home Services is at the top of your list; our competitive prices and commitment to honest, quality service make us a favorite among customers in Scottsdale and beyond.

At ACE, we have a knowledgeable team of experts that can help you determine what type of unit fits your family’s needs, working with you to fit your budget. We offer excellent, money-saving specials to our customers, as well as financing options to make a new AC system work on any budget. Contact our team today and let us answer all of your questions about finding the best new cooling unit for you and your home.

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3 Considerations for New HVAC Installation

Before deciding on a new HVAC unit, you must take these three factors into consideration.

ACE Home Services - J Manual Icon

1. J Manual

The J Manual is one of the most important tools in an HVAC technician’s toolbox. This is a guide on determining your home’s air conditioning needs and allows the technician to calculate exactly what size cooling unit you need. We don’t simply replace your A/C with a unit similar to your old one. We ensure the furthest corner of your house is properly cooled when it needs to be.

ACE Home Services - Ventilation Icon

2. Ventilation & Ductwork

Part of determining the right air conditioner for your family’s needs includes a full assessment of your home’s ductwork. We inspect the duct system to make sure you have adequate air flow thoughout the house. This means not only does your air reach each room, but it is returned to the system just as efficiently.

ACE Home Services - SEER Rating Icon

3. SEER Rating

If you’ve been shopping air conditioners, you’re likely familiar with its SEER rating. This stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and as the name suggests, it gives homeowners an idea of how much is will cost to operate the cooling system. The higher the number, the more energy efficient the unit is. SEER ratings range from 13 to 21; with the higher number costing more upfront.

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If you need to replace your cooling system, turn to the company Scottsdale residents have been trusting for 25 years. ACE offers all air conditioning services, including repairs, maintenance, and duct cleaning. We won’t recommend a replacement air conditioner if you don’t need it.

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