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Much of the pioneer life of Phoenix settlers was hard. The days were long and hard. The work was hard. Even the water was hard. Today, we can enjoy central air conditioning, indoor plumbing and shorter work hours. Phoenix water, however, is still hard. The solution for many residents is a water softener, expertly installed and maintained by ACE Home Services.

What Does a Water Softener Do?

Many people do not realize the difference between science class water — good ol’ H2O with its two hydrogen atoms for every oxygen atom — and tap water. Most drinking water has a lot of dissolved solids in it. These are usually completely harmless. In fact, you gain some vital minerals through water, but you can also be exposed to dissolved solids you may not want, such as iron, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate or sodium.

Water softening literally softens your iron-rich or mineral-rich water. It reduces the heavy mineral content, especially of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, so that everyday household activities become easier.

Most water softeners use sodium to swap out calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions, which do not damage pipes and do not interfere with soaps and detergents. The science behind the process has been known for a long time.

How water softening — swapping out the ions — is accomplished depends on the system you select. A water softener helps remove dissolved minerals by reverse osmosis, a salt-based ion exchange or with a salt-free method. Working with your plumbing representative from ACE Home Services, you can decide which system is right for you.

5 Benefits of Water Softening

  1. Skin feels smoother and hair is glossier;
  2. Glasses dry without a film or spots;
  3. You can use less detergent in clothes washers and dishwashers;
  4. Appliances like tea kettles, coffee makers, dishwashers and irons all operate more efficiently, without buildup of minerals;
  5. Use less shampoo and body soap and still feel cleaner.

Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate tend to make soap react oddly in water. The soap has trouble breaking up fats and grease; after washing in hard water, you still feel a soap film or soap scum on surfaces. Having a water softener eliminates this problem and more. Anyone in your family who suffers from sensitive skin or has skin issues – such as psoriasis, eczema, acne or oily skin – will be grateful for the purity and softness provided by a water-softening system installed in your Phoenix home.

Why ACE Home Services’ Water Softening Installation?

Many companies offer water softeners. Just as some systems are better than others, so are some companies better at helping you select, purchase and arrange installation of the right water softener. Reasons to choose ACE Home Services as your partner if perfect water:

Trustworthy, honest assessments

24-hour emergency service, with calls answered by real people

A part of the Phoenix community for almost a quarter century

Experienced plumbing professionals

Modern equipment and the right tools

Serving 28-plus cities throughout Arizona

Local, reliable leaders in service

Well-stocked service trucks

We offer free estimates throughout the Valley

We provide senior and veteran discounts

We offer great financing options

Serving residents since 1994

In short, when you ask, “Why come to ACE Home Services for your water softener selection, installation and maintenance,” we say, “Don’t. We come to you.” We come equipped with experience, training, proper equipment and tools and the right salt for your system.

Types of Water Softeners

As we said earlier, many different approaches have been invented to remove minerals from your Phoenix home’s water. The Valley water is notoriously hard, high in both calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. You can choose from several types of systems:

Reverse Osmosis Icon

Reverse osmosis (RO)

A series of membranes filter the water, trapping dissolved solids, removing chlorine and providing very pure water. It is not in itself a water softener but a water-filtration system.

Salt Free Icon

Salt-free water softeners

Substituting a little-known salt, potassium chloride, for the more familiar sodium chloride (table salt), these still replace calcium and magnesium ions, but the replacement is potassium, not sodium.

Salt Based Icon

Salt-based ion exchange

Whether you opt for a single-tank or dual-tank system, this is by far the most common method of removing minerals from your water supply.

Some systems use water pressure alone to achieve water softening. Others use a meter to measure how much softened water the system has produced before regenerating (backwashing to clean the system). Yet another method is to use a timer, leaving the regeneration for overnight, when water is not being used by your family.

We would also like to offer a word about magnetic descalers. Though heavily promoted on the internet, these are more wishful thinking than legitimate methods of altering water’s basic chemistry. Most engineers and scientists find they are more pseudoscience than a real way to change your Phoenix home’s water. Simply thinking of what magnets affect (iron, cobalt and nickel) and what the minerals are in water (calcium and magnesium) tells you the magnetic descaler will do nothing to the latter.

Maintaining Your Water Softener

Once installed, your system should be inspected and serviced annually by the same reliable technicians that placed it in service. At ACE Home Services, for example, we recommend a yearly checkup to ensure the whole system is operating efficiently. You can take a few steps on your own as the homeowner:

Salt Bridge Icon

Salt bridges

The loose pellets of salt in your water softener may crust over, allowing a solid mass to develop on top an empty space between the salt and the resin necessary for the ion exchange. To prevent this, use a broom handle or other small rod to tamp down on the salt from time to time to help it collapse back onto the resin.

Salt Mush Icon

Salt mush

At the other end of your system, at the bottom, salt can form a mushy crystalline layer down in the bottom of the brine tank. This usually requires professional intervention to drain the tank, dig out the mush and replace old salt with new, but ensuring the right, high-quality salt in the first place can prevent salt mush.


You can purchase resin bed cleaner to remove build-up on the resin that is vital to the softening process. Before attempting this as a do-it-yourself job, talk to your water softener technician so you do not risk damaging the system.

In general, water softener installation in Phoenix, AZ, will mean a system that efficiently and quietly exchanges sodium ions for calcium and magnesium ions. You will not notice the sodium content in your water, but you will notice improved washing, bathing and cooking.

At first installation, take time to learn about your water softener system from the technicians installing it. If necessary, take notes so you know what sounds the system may make (during regeneration, for example), and what to watch for. Though high humidity is not generally a problem in the Valley, changes in humidity can affect the salt that is added to your system.

Also be careful in selecting salt to add yourself. Ask the installer for a recommendation, since salts usually come in three quality grades:

Rock: The cheapest type, but also the type most prone to having impurities that will decrease your water softener’s efficiency.

Solar: This salt comes from evaporating seawater and is more soluble than rock salt, though it may have traces of impurities in it.

Evaporated: The purest sodium chloride, at 99.99 percent, comes from mining and evaporation. This is the best choice for keeping your system problem-free.

Water Softener Repair

Should your system need more than homeowner maintenance, contact the experts at ACE Home Services. While we do install many water softeners, we also service systems we did not install. We can examine your system and let you know the most cost-effective solution.

Often, with older systems in the Valley, complete replacement will be an economical step. This is because the hardness of Valley water wears out any water-softening system, so the advertised 10 or 15-year life may be only half that.

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