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ACE’s Phoenix Plumbing Inspection Checklist

Phoenix Plumbing Inspection of Water Leaks

1. Water Leak Test

Inspect common areas, including appliances and fixtures, for water leaks that need to be repaired.

  • Check connections to all devices using water
  • Check for toilet leaks, including running water
Phoenix Plumbing Inspection of Water Quality

2. Water Quality Test

We test for hard water and determine how much sediment build-up exists in your tap water.

  • Check connections to all devices using water
  • Check for toilet leaks, including running water
Phoenix Plumbing Inspection of Hot Water Heater

3. Hot Water Heater Inspection

A thorough inspection of your hot water heater ensures that the unit functions as expected.

  • Flush water and sediment out
  • Inspect wiring and plumbing connections
Phoenix Plumbing Inspection of Water Pressure

4. Water Pressure Test

If your water pressure is too low, it effects appliances that use water and if too high it can cause leaks.

  • Measure the water’s GPM and PSI
  • Check for strain on fixtures and fittings

Why You Should Have Your Phoenix Home’s Plumbing Inspected

A plumbing inspection ensures that small problems, if any, don’t become larger and more costly problems later. Inspecting your home plumbing ensures that toilets, sinks, showers, and more are functioning efficiently. We often find that many plumbing issues we see in Phoenix homes, including water pressure, drain backups, and slow draining, could have been quickly and inexpensively solved at an earlier date with a routine inspection.

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FREE Video Camera Inspection of Sewer Pipes

It’s important to know the root cause of your drain or sewer problem when considering your options. Not addressing the real issue can be a costly mistake later. The problem can be caused by root intrusions, foreign objects, or line collapses. Many plumbers charge for video camera sewer line inspections. Often asking a homeowner to fork over $200-$300 before anything is even done often leads to homeowners addressing only the surface issue. We believe that this technology is a necessity to analyze and solve your drain and sewer issues. That’s why we include this $229 service at no charge, when it’s necessary, with any purchased drain or sewer line cleaning service. If needed, we will use our specialized sewer camera equipment to inspect the main sewer line from your home’s access point to the municipal / utility connection near the street. Upon completion of the inspection, we document our findings and provide an estimate on what is needed to fix any problems we find (if any). We will also give you a copy of this inspection to retain for your personal records.

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