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ACE Tips: How to Keep Drains Clear

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ACE Tip 1: Don’t Use Chemicals for Drain Cleaning

You may be accustom to grabbing chemicals for drain cleaning purposes. However, drain cleaning chemicals may actually be causing more harm than good. If you are having issues with your drain, call a professional plumber at (602) 943-2000 to receive reliable drain cleaning services.

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ACE Tip 2: Don’t Plant Trees or Bushes Near the Sewer Line

For most homes, there is a sewer drainage pipe that allows waste water to flow from your house to the city sewer system. But if this line gets ruptured by a tree root, it can become a very costly mess. We recommend keeping trees or plants away from your sewer lines to avoid costly sewer cleaning projects

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ACE Tip 3: Replace Old Pipes

Over the past century, home builders have used an array of different piping materials to help drain water from your sinks and bathtubs, including plastic (PVC), clay, cast iron, and galvanized steel to name a few. If you have an older home, you may have a serious leak caused by old plumbing and if it’s in a hard to reach spot, the expenses could skyrocket.

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ACE Tip 4: Schedule a Drain Cleaning Appointment With a Professional Plumber

Booking an annual drain cleaning session is a great way to ensure your pipes remain debris free – allowing water to flow fluently. If you have an older home, you may want to take advantage of professional drain cleaning services more frequently.

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ACE Tip 5: Use Enzyme Cleaners Monthly for Drain Cleaning

Enzyme cleaners are environmentally-friendly and are much easier on your pipes than chemical cleaners.

Why Sewer Drain Cleaning Matters

Your sewer drain helps to get rid of stuff you just don’t want anywhere near your home. While many homeowners like to pretend their sewer drain doesn’t exist, the fact is that one that’s not working properly will be an incredible headache. That’s why we offer sewer drain cleaning services that can guarantee your drains will be clog free. That means no potential contamination or odors in or around your home.

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Professional Drain Cleaning & Sewer Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ

ACE Home Services can also help you with existing sewer drain cleaning issues. Whether you have a slow drain that doesn’t seem to be getting rid of waste properly, or you have a drain issue that’s causing a backup already, we can help you. We offer efficient and trustworthy drain cleaning services in Phoenix, Arizona and a wide variety of other areas. After all, handling your own sewer and drain cleaning issues isn’t something any homeowner can do safely. Perhaps you’ve already used a drain cleaning solution you got at the drug store, but you made the problem worse. That’s not the first time that’s happened, but ACE Home Services can help you fix that.

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