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Our 21-Point Furnace Tune-Up & Maintenance Services Include:

Thermostat Icon

1. Check Thermostat Operation

Check to make sure heating system operates properly through thermostat settings.

Plenum Icon

2. Inspect Plenum

Inspect your heater’s plenum for faulty components, including if the pan gasket needs to be replaced.

Inspect Ducts Icon

3. Inspect Ducts

Inspect air ducts to check for obstructions, including debris, dirt, and pet dander.

Air Duct Leak Icon

4. Inspect for Air Duct Leaks

Inspect ducts for air leaks in the system that may effect the efficiency of your heating system.

Condensate Icon

5. Check Condensation Drain Pan

Check water level in the condensation drain pan to make sure pooling doesn’t take place.

Condensation Drain Icon

6. Check Condensate Drain

Check the heating unit’s condensation drain for any clogs and for proper drainage.

Blower Motor Icon

7. Check Indoor Blower Motor

Check for a bad blower motor and to make sure it operates correctly.

Blower Motor Run Capacitor Icon

8. Check Blower Motor Run Capacitor

Check if the blower motor run capacitor holds the correct electrical charge and runs properly.

Blower Wheel Icon

9. Inspect Condition of Blower Wheel

Inspect if the blower motor powers the wheel correctly and that belts are in good working order.

Measure Air Flow Icon

10. Check of Measure Air Flow

Check the velocity that air travels through the ventilation system.

Safeties Icon

11. Check & Test Safeties

Check that all safety components are in place and in tact to prevent any future breakdowns.

Electrical Wiring Icon

12. Check Electrical Wiring of System

Check for any faulty wiring and known issues with your unit’s model number.

Operation Icon

13. Check Operation

Check that the unit works properly both inside and out.

Condenser Contractor Icon

14. Condition Compressor Contractor

Ensure compressor contractor runs as expected and its integration with related components.

Relays Icon

15. Check Relays

Check that your unit’s relay switch works correctly.

Capacitor Icon

16. Test Run Capacitors

Test that the motors attached to the run capacitor function appropriately.

Starting Component Icon

17. Check System Starting Components

Check each starting component to ensure it functions correctly in sequence.

Refrigerant Icon

18. Check Refrigerant Pressures

Check that the unit’s refrigerant suction line has the correct amount of pressure.

Condenser Motor Icon

19. Check Condenser Motor Operation

Check that the condenser motor operates correctly plus at the right speed and voltage.

Insulate Pipe Icon

20. Check Insulation on Tubes & Panels

Check that the heaters tubes and panels are properly insulated.

Operation Efficiency Icon

21. Calculate Operating Efficiency

Ensure your heater operates efficiently and at what rate.

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How to Prevent Costly Heating Expenses

Even though Phoenix’s cold weather is limited to short and mild winters, it’s still important to make sure your furnace and heating pumps are working efficiently and in top-condition. During winters in the Greater Phoenix Area, temperatures can fall to the low 40s. This requires your heating unit to work consistently to sustain the comfort of your home. Maintaining the performance of your unit can help prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. ACE’s certified technicians will perform a 20 Plus-Point Furnace inspection, giving you an honest evaluation and fair recommendation.

Our certified and experienced HVAC contractors can help ensure the performance of your furnace, keeping your home comfortable. Schedule a furnace tune-up and maintenance appointment before it’s too late! Our superior heating services can help prevent breakdowns and save you from costly repairs!

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Heating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Often there can be common issues and fixes for a heater that’s not working properly. While at other times, the issue can be a major one that requires a licensed technician to address. The following information is designed to help you get quick answers to your questions. If you do not see the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us directly at (602) 943-2000.

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