The quality of the air you breathe inside your home is crucial as it impacts the health of everyone in your house, as well as your overall comfort when at home. From dirty, dusty vents to homes where the air inside gets stale and musty, there are a lot of potential problems in the average house. That’s why ACE Home Services now offers the Patriot Air Scrubber to help you improve your air quality.

Patriot UV keeps your AC coils free of mold and improves indoor air quality throughout the home. Mold on cooling coils robs the air system of efficiency by clogging up the hundreds of fine metal plates that make up the coils. Patriot UV uses germicidal UV-C light to sterilize mold and other microbes. The result is a significantly improved air system efficiency and longevity. Patriot UV also kills germs, bacteria, viruses, and allergens in the air as it passes through the air system resulting in healthier indoor air for your family. There are several models to choose from, your HVAC contractor will help you select the right one.

One of the most common ways we help homeowners improve air quality is by updating the ventilation system. That’s because most homes use a system that forces air throughout your house via vents and ducts. These systems don’t refresh air mechanically, so regular duct and vent cleanings, as well changing air filters, can dramatically improve air quality.

We also help homeowners install air purification systems designed to clean the air that comes into your home. With these systems, you’ll be able to drastically reduce or eliminate bacteria, mold, smoke, air pollutants like dust, and even viruses that might otherwise enter through your heating and A/C system.

Another great solution to your IAQ needs that ACE is now offering is the QuietCool Whole House Fans. These fans are great for cooling your home, eliminating stale, polluted air, and saving you money on your energy bills. Learn more here.

At ACE Home Services, we use industry-leading air purifiers to make sure the air you breathe is as clean as possible. According to the EPA, indoor air can be two to five times dirtier than outdoor air because of things like pet dander, chemical fumes, and mold. With a quality air purification system, you’ll enjoy the cleanest air possible.


If you have an older home and use appliances such as a gas stove, it is important to monitor how much of this is contaminating your air. Limiting the emissions of this will help to improve the air quality in your home, as well as reducing the risk of gas poisoning.

The ventilation in your home is what transfers the air from the outside and maintains a comfortable temperature in your home. Most heating and cooling systems use a method that forces air throughout your home. These systems don’t mechanically refresh the air.

Having an air purifier installed in your system is a great way to clean the air as it is transferred into your home. Air purifiers work by eliminating the bacteria, odors, air pollutants, smoke, mold, and viruses that contaminate your air.

Getting your ducts cleaned, changing filters, and opening windows when the weather permits are simple ways that you can improve the air quality in your home. Air purifiers improve both your air quality as well as your health. At ACE, we only use top-of-the-line air purification systems to ensure the healthiest, cleanest air for you and your family.

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We offer affordable and reliable air vent cleaning services in Phoenix and other locations in Arizona. Every Phoenix area home with heating and cooling has a system of vents to push air throughout the house. These vents work to keep you cool or warm in every single room of your home.

While that series of vents and the tubing that connects them to your air conditioning system, commonly referred to as your air ducts, is essential, over time, they can get very dirty. You don’t want your family to be breathing dirt, pollen, pet dander and other bits of debris.


In order to get your air ventilation system clean from top to bottom, we have to start our air duct cleaning appointment by removing the vent covers and registers. After we’ve managed to carefully take them off, with your ceilings and walls in mind, we can take a better look into any problem areas prior to beginning the air vent cleaning process.

To make sure we vacuum up any and all debris that may lie within your duct system, our air duct cleaning technicians first thoroughly brush the walls of the passageways and air return. After brushing, we use specialized equipment to vacuum out any dust, dander, and debris.

The next step in the HVAC cleaning process will consist of utilizing a rotor brush machine that runs even deeper into your duct system to jar loose and vacuum out any left over, unwanted remains. When done, the rotor brush can significantly improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

The final step of the air vent cleaning process is disinfecting and sanitizing the air ducts. This will prevent mold or fungus from growing and prevent dust from gathering. Our disinfectants are natural and safe for the whole family, pets too.

Once we’ve cleaned every last bit of debris from within your air ducts, we replace all air duct vent covers and registers – ensuring we’ve left your home the same way we found it minus the dirty air ducts.


The insulation in your home is probably not something you think about on a regular basis. However, whenever you’re hot, cold, or just uncomfortable in your house, it could be the pink stuff in your walls and attic that is to blame. This is because it works to keep cool air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer. It also works to trap the air pushed into your home via your A/C or heating system. Along with keeping unwanted air from outside out, and trapping air from your heat and AC system in the home, proper insulation can also help you save money on energy bills. Having the recommended amount inside your walls can also ensure that your ceilings, walls and floors stay warm or cool, depending on your desires for the season.


When your walls are properly insulated warm air cannot pass through them into your house and similarly, in winter cold air cannot pass through. However, if there are even small gaps in your exterior wall insulation, you may be losing cooling and spending more than you should be to cool your home.

If you have areas of your walls and ceilings that aren’t insulated correction, you are letting your cold air seep through the walls and outside of your living area. When you close holes in your insulation, your air conditioner runs less and reduces your energy consumption.

A professionally insulated house will help prevent outdoor pollutants from getting into your home, including dust. Additionally, your home’s insulation can prevent allergens from getting into your house and causing reactions.

When you have your walls and ceilings insulated the right way, you also work to keep a more uniform temperature throughout your house. When your A/C works less to keep certain areas of your home cool, you save and put less stress on your unit – improving expectancy.

When your walls and ceilings are insulated correctly, they remain cool during summer months and warm during winter months. So instead of blowing cool, air-conditioned air onto warm exterior walls, they remain cool to help to reflect the cold air back into the home.

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