3 Common Issues With Your Old Air Conditioner & Reasons for Ditching It

If you have had your air conditioning system for more than 15 years, then it may be time to replace it. Air conditioners age with time and can experience significant wear and tear throughout their lifetime, especially in areas of high use, such as Arizona. If you have been experiencing issues with your old air conditioning system, and have had unexpected breakdowns, then it may be time to consider purchasing a newer system. This can help you avoid total system breakdowns and ensure that your is properly air conditioned at all times.

Three Common Problems with Old Air Conditioners

The following are common problems and key factors that signal it is time to replace your old air conditioner with a newer system or model.

#1 Constant Need for Repairs

ACE Home Services - Common Problems with Older Air Conditioners: Repairs

If your air conditioning system requires repair after repair, then you may want to re-consider where your finances are being spent. After all, if you had your unit for a long time, you are more likely to experience breakdowns and complications. The money you’re putting into repairs could be going towards a new system. HVAC repairs are often costly and inconvenient, so it may be more cost-effective and productive to replace the unit instead of investing in frequent repairs.

#2 Decline in Efficiency

ACE Home Services - Common Problems with Older Air Conditioners: Efficiency

If you notice an unexpected increase and your monthly energy bills, despite not making any changes to your homes appliances or electrical systems, then your air conditioning system may be to blame. Over time, parts wear down and energy efficiency begins to decline.Whenever there’s damage within the system, whether it’s to the compressor or the fan, it can affect the efficiency of the unit. This results and increase energy usage and higher monthly bills. In addition to this, A system that is over 15 years old was probably not designed to be as efficient as of the current makes and models on the market today.

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#3 Dissatisfactory Performance

ACE Home Services - Common Problems with Older Air Conditioners: Performance

As your air conditioning system ages, and parts begin to wear down, your units performance may noticeably decrease. If you feel like your unit it’s no longer cooling your home at a satisfactory rate, or performing to the standard you prefer, then it may be time to invest in a new system. The expense of performing regular maintenance and repairs on an older unit, in conjunction with time and energy, may not be worth it overall.

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Turn to ACE Home Services for All of Your A/C Needs

If your air conditioning system is showing any of these signs, then you should consider replacing it with a new system that can operate efficiently and effectively. Even better, it can even save you money in the long run! If you have any questions about advancing to a new system, call your friends that ACE Home Services at tel:+16024836492 to schedule a service call.