Is Changing the Air Filter Really That Important?

Changing your air filter regularly is very important to the health and performance of your air conditioning system. During seasons of high use, such as summer, you should change your filter every month. Even during seasons of low usage, you should still check your air filter often, at least every couple of months.

Do I Really Need To Change My Air Filter?

Simply put, YES! A dirty air filter can threaten your A/C and cause costly breakdowns. Contrary to popular belief, air filters are not just responsible for maintaining the quality of air in your home. A dirty filter can affect air pressure and disrupt the internal environment of your HVAC system. Keep reading to learn the different functions and responsibilities of your air filter.

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Air Quality & Damage Control

One of the primary jobs of your air filter is to filter the air that enters your HVAC system and the air that circulates in your home. Different filters block different sizes and types of particles. In general, a standard air filter can prevent dust and pollutants from affecting the quality of your air. More importantly, the filter protects debris from entering the system and damaging it. A good filter can improve your indoor air quality and prevent damage.

A Dirty Filter Can Be Worse Than No Filter

The longer you use your air filter, the dirtier it becomes. As dirt and pollutants build up, the air filter won’t just stop filtering air, but can actually block air flow completely. When the air is blocked, it disrupts the balance of air pressure within your system and can cause damages, malfunctions, leaks, and more. When you leave a dirty filter in too long, your HVAC system will work overtime as it tries to compensate for this. This will put you at risk of having an air conditioner that won’t work and raise your energy costs and threaten the lifespan and efficiency of your system. This is even worse than if you had no filter at all! Changing your filter regularly can help prevent problems and save you money in the long run.

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