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Professional A/C Replacement Services in Phoenix, AZ

When it’s time to decide if you need a new air conditioner, you want expert help. Especially if you’re looking for air conditioning replacement and installation in Phoenix, where it’s hot – really hot! Customers in Phoenix have trusted ACE Home Services for more than 25 years. We are proud to offer the best HVAC services in Arizona. From A/C repair and replacement to whole house fans, we have an array of services and experience in our field.

If you think it’s time for a new air conditioner, book an A/C replacement and installation appointment with ACE Home Services by calling (xxx) xxx-xxxx to receive assistance choosing an appropriate air conditioner for your family’s needs. To help you save money, our technicians also offer troubleshooting and air conditioner repair services.

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Signs You Should Replace Your A/C Unit

Knowing when it’s time to replace your air conditioner can be difficult, as HVAC problems are not always easy to diagnose. In general, there are a few key signs that it’s time to call a professional and replace your unit:

  • It simply doesn’t run anymore. Likely the most obvious (and most annoying) sign of them all, if your A/C system is having issues starting or staying running, this is a red flag that you need a new unit. Phoenix is known for its brutal summer heat—being without air conditioning in the summertime is an issue that requires immediate attention.
  • Foul smells or strange sounds from your unit. Do your vents smell? Does it seem like moisture is building up and creating mold? Or do you hear a distinct grinding, rubbing, or squealing? Any of these can mean it’s time to replace your air conditioning system. Foul smells could indicate mold growth, which needs to be addressed immediately by a professional before it does more damage to your home. Additionally, unusual or loud sounds indicate there is an issue with the mechanics of your A/C unit, which means it is not working as efficiently as it should and may break down completely.
  • The air isn’t as cold as it used to be. If warm air is blowing from your vents in the middle of summer, that is a sure sign your A/C unit is on the way out. Warm air can be a sign of coolant leaks or other mechanical failures. These need to be inspected immediately by a professional to avoid further problems, such as moisture build-up.
  • It’s more than 15 years old. A/C units, unfortunately, age more like yogurt than fine wine. It is recommended that you change your air conditioning system between 10 and 12 years—anything older than 15 years is a breakdown waiting to happen. Not only are old A/C units more likely to break down and need repairs, but the older technology simply isn’t as efficient. Newer air conditioners generally run more quietly, are more energy efficient, and are simply more practical for the modern home.

Should I Repair or Replace My A/C Unit?

You may opt to repair your air conditioner rather than have an entirely new system installed, and if the problem is minor enough, it may be the most cost-effective solution. Here is a quick way to determine if you should repair or replace you air conditioning system. 

In general, you should repair your A/C unit if:

  • It is under 10 years old or still considered “new.”
  • You haven’t had many new or recurring issues with it yet.
  • An HVAC professional recommends repairing over replacing after inspecting it.

However, you may want to consider replacing your A/C unit if:

  • It is over 10 years old.
  • It still uses R-22 Freon refrigerant, which the government is trying to phase out.
  • This isn’t the first major breakdown, or if issues are frequent.
  • You have noticed a distinct spike in energy usage.
  • The unit is running continuously or not blowing out cold air anymore.

Choosing to repair or replace your air condition system can be difficult. To make an educated decision, it’s best to call a professional HVAC contractor that can do a thorough inspection of your unit. Not only will ACE Home Services come out and inspect your air conditioner, but we will give you insightful recommendations on whether to repair or replace your unit. We handle the entire installation process from start to finish and make sure your house stays as cool as it should be.

Call ACE Home Services for HVAC Replacement and Installation

If you are thinking about repairing or replacing your A/C, we encourage you to give ACE Home Services a call. Our team of professionals has been repairing and replacing A/C systems for more than 25 years in the Phoenix area. Get in touch with us today and we will set up a time to inspect your unit, answer any questions, and give you our recommendations based on your budget and situation. Join the growing list of Phoenix residents who know that they can trust their place with ACE!

Receive up to $4000

Trade-in your old unit, working or not!

*restrictions may apply

**Limited Time Offer


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