How to Clean the Outdoor AC Unit

Keeping your outdoor A/C clean and free of debris is extremely important to the health of performance of your unit. Dirty units can result in costly breakdowns, damaging your wallet and your home’s environment. As winter nears it end, and warmer weather begins to take over, you turn to your A/C to cool your home. Make sure your air conditioning system is prepared to do its job and working in top condition!

Have You Cleaned Your Outside Unit Recently?

Outside units are designed to draw in air through the vents and blades, pushing cool, filtered air into your home. Dirt and debris, such as grass and leaves, can build up and affect the efficiency of your unit. Keep reading to find out how to properly clean your unit and enjoy cool, clean air this summer.

ACE Home Services Air Conditioning Unit

Follow these steps on how to clean your outside unit and prepare for warmer weather

First, and foremost, turn off the power (via the circuit breaker) to your unit before attempting to clean it. Safety first!

Unscrew the grill/vent and remove the fan so you can access the fins.

Put on some gloves and remove as much debris and dirt from inside the unit.

Next, get a vacuum to remove any of the small debris that you were unable to manually remove. Be careful of the fragile fins during this step! You do not want to damage these.

If there happens to be mild damage to the fins in your unit, gently straighten them out with a butter knife. If there is significant damage, you will need to replace them in order for your unit to work properly. This will require the help of one of ACE’s professional technicians.

If you have an older model, check the floor of the unit for lubrication ports. If you locate any, apply a few drops of electric motor oil. Newer models are sealed and lubricated and do not require this step.

Finally, use a damp cloth and carefully clean the inside and outside of the unit. You can even use a garden hose, on low pressure, to clean the fins of the fan.

Go the Extra Mile and Schedule a Tune-Up for Your A/C!

Call your friends at ACE Home Services today, and we will send one of our experienced and certified technicians to your home to perform a thorough tune-up. Check out our Tune-Up page, or call to learn more about this offer and how it can save you money!