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With Our Thorough 21-Point A/C Tune-Up We Inspect:

Thermostat Icon

1. The Thermostat

Our technician will make sure the air conditioning is working hard to reflect the settings on your thermostat accurately, so you get the results you want.

Plenum Icon

2. The Plenum

We’ll look into the HVAC unit’s plenum pan gasket, and all related parts, to make sure every component is in good shape and functioning like new.

Inspect Ducts Icon

3. The Air Ducts

Have an inside look at the air ducts to make sure air can flow freely through them without blockages.

Air Duct Leak Icon

4. The Air Ducts for Leaks

We’ll make sure the entire system is air-tight and leak-free.

Condensate Icon

5. The Condensation Pan

Check the level of water in the condensation pan to make sure the air conditioner won’t fill up and eventually overflow.

Condensation Drain Icon

6. The Condensation Drain

Ensure water is flowing out of the condensation drain and not backing up.

Blower Motor Icon

7. The Blower Motor

We’ll check oil levels and overall performance of the blower motor to make sure it operates with the appropriate power and energy efficiency.

Blower Motor Run Capacitor Icon

8. The Run Capacitor

This inspection of the blower motor’s run capacitor will assess the electrical charge to ensure the run capacity is prepared for the massive workload of dealing with the heat in Gilbert.

Blower Wheel Icon

9. The Blower Wheel

We’ll confirm that the blower motor wheel is adequately powered and that all parts are still in perfect condition. We’ll check for damage and free movement of all belts and supporting components.

Measure Air Flow Icon

10. The Air Flow

We’ll take note of the air’s velocity as it flows throughout the home’s ventilation system. The faster the air flows, the better it will be for cooling the house in a hurry.

Safeties Icon

11. The Overall System Safety

A holistic examination of the unit will bring to light any safety issues that could present danger. Further, this is a preventative measure to protect against any problems associated with high costs in the future.

Electrical Wiring Icon

12. The Wiring & Connections

Faulty wiring can cripple an A/C unit if they aren’t caught early enough. We’ll make sure the entire system is powered safely and efficiently.

Operation Icon

13. The Overall Operation

We’ll put the entire unit through an exhaustive battery of tests to make sure every function is running exactly as expected. This is a reliable indicator of current and future performance.

Condenser Contractor Icon

14. The Compressor Contactor

An examination of the unit’s compressor contactor will reveal if it’s running well and properly integrated to the rest of the air conditioning system.

Relays Icon

15. The Relay Switch

By examining the electrical coils and reading the magnetic charge of your system’s relay switches, we’ll be able to see if they’re working properly or need to be tuned up for optimized performance.

Capacitor Icon

16. The Capacitors

Faulty run capacitors can be a huge safety risk, so we’ll make sure there are no issues with the operation of these components.

Starting Component Icon

17. The Starting Components

Starting components have to be correctly connected to fire in sequence and keep the system running. This test makes sure the network is synced up to help your air conditioning unit running without a hitch.

Refrigerant Icon

18. The Refrigerant Pressure

The refrigerant’s suction pipe is critical to keeping the proper pressure in the A/C system. Low refrigerant pressure in this component can render your unit ineffective against an Arizona heat wave.

Condenser Motor Icon

19. The Condenser Motor

The condenser motor keeps your system running during high-stress operation caused by high heat. By measuring the speed and voltage of the motor, we’ll be able to assess its overall health.

Insulate Pipe Icon

20. The Tube & Panel Insulation

We’ll examine your air conditioning panels and tubes to make sure they are fully insulated against the heat outside. Proper insulation ensures the air stays cool until it is delivered to the home.

Operation Efficiency Icon

21. The Operating Efficiency

We’ll calculate the rate of efficiency of the A/C unit’s overall operation. This keeps performance up and costs down, even during the hottest times of the year.

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How Regular Maintenance Prevents Costly A/C Repairs

The Arizona sun only lets up for a month or two in the winter and even then it’s still there. With this intense heat practically year-round, your air conditioner is going to get the brunt of it. In many parts of the country a new HVAC system can last 15 to 20 years; howver, in Gilbert and most other parts of The Valley, you’re lucky to get 10 to 15. But this isn’t to say that you can’t push that 15-year mark if you properly maintain your HVAC system.

Connections need to be tested, moving parts need to be lubricated, belts need to be tightened, and worn down parts need to be replaced regularly. Because if they’re not, your cooling system will be lucky if it lasts a decade.

ACE’s Air Conditioning Maintenance in Gilbert

If you live in Gilbert, AZ and need a tune-up for your air conditioner, contact the experts who have been serving the Phoenix area for more than two decades. ACE Home Services is the authority for A/C needs in Gilbert because of their pricing, financing options and years of experience. To keep your air conditioner running smoothly all year long and spare you from the relentless Arizona heat, ACE Home Services has perfected their 21-Point Air Conditioner Tune-Up. When you schedule your A/C service call, all of the following will be included, with no hidden costs.

Gilbert Residents Choose ACE A/C Maintenance

You love your A/C unit the most during summers in the Gilbert area, but a drop in temperature can be equally dangerous to the function of your unit. Whether you’re preparing for a scorching summer or the winter months, ACE Home Services has fine-tuned our inspection process to diagnose the status of your entire air conditioning system. Our 21-step checkup covers all the bases to ensure your comfort and peace of mind. Schedule your inspection today!

Call (602) 943-2000 to contact the trained professionals of ACE Home Services today so we can help provide your Gilbert home with the energy-efficient, comforting cooling of a properly tuned central air conditioner. When you call, be sure to ask about specials on parts, labor, services, and new equipment.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune-Up Today!

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