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Phoenix Commercial HVAC Heating Maintenance & Tune-up Services

Although the Greater Phoenix Area is known for its scorching hot summers, winters can feel rather cold to natives. With average temperatures reaching the low 40’s, it’s important to make sure your furnace and heating pumps are ready and in top condition. ACE Home Services offers a complete and thorough 20-point tune-up to help keep your furnace fighting against the winter weather. Our technicians will help you make sure that your building remains warm and comfortable at all times.

Prevent Your Furnace From Breaking Down

ACE’s experienced and knowledgeable staff is here to ensure the performance of your heating unit. Don’t wait to tune-up your furnace until it’s too late! Prevent breakdowns with our superior services! Our 20 Plus-Point Tune-Up includes the following:

Check Thermostat Operation
Inspect Plenum
Inspect Ducts
Inspect for Air Duct Leaks
Check Condensation Drain Pan
Check Condensate Drain
Check Indoor Blower Motor
Check Blower Motor Run Capacitor
Inspect Condition of Blower Wheel
Check of Measure Air Flow
Check/Test Safeties
Check Electrical Wiring of System
Check Operation
Condition Compressor Contractor
Check Relays
Test Run Capacitors
Check All Starting Components in System
Check Refrigerant Pressures
Check Condenser Motor Operation
Check Insulation on Tubes and Panels
Calculate Operating Efficiency

Why Choose ACE for a Tune-Up?

ACE is proud to receive an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and continues to focus on providing our customers with the best service and information available. You can reach our offices at any time, any day of the week. Call today and schedule an appointment for a winter tune-up! Ask our friendly representatives about special offers and discounts. We will work with your schedule and send an experienced technician to your home to make sure your unit is at its best. Our focus is your satisfaction!