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Phoenix Commercial Furnace & Heater Repair Services

Is your heating unit keeping you building warm and comfortable? During winter, your HVAC system become an imperative factor in controlling the environment of your building. ACE Home Services knows furnaces and heating pumps, and is your best choice when it comes to equipment and repairs. Whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, our service team is here for you! Our certified and experienced technicians work hard to deliver positive results and gain your satisfaction. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, ACE Home Services proudly services Phoenix with all its heating needs, ensuring the best service in the industry. Our team works with all major brands of heaters, gas furnaces, heat pumps, compressors, condensers, and more! With option to help improve the efficiency and costs of your heating units, we can help you save money! Even if you simply need a tune-up to keep your unit working throughout the winter, ACE is your #1 choice!

Main Components of a Heat Pump

Having issues with your heat pump? Our certified technicians can help you identify and solve the problem, at a fair price. The following are major elements of a heat pump that can affect its performance:

Compressor: Increases the pressure of the refrigerant so that it will accept the maximum amount of heat from the air.
Condenser: Coils that move heat to or from the outside air.
Evaporator: Coils that move heat to or from the air inside the home.
Air Handler: Fan that blows the air into the ducts of the home.
Reversing Valve: Changes the heat pump from air conditioning to heating and vice versa.

Main Components of a Gas Furnace

Is your gas furnace in top condition? Our expert technicians will give you honest prices and effective solutions as the asses the condition of your unit. The following are key components of a gas furnace that can affect its performance:

Thermostat: Monitors and regulates temperature.
Heat Exchanger: Facilitates the transfer of burning gas to the air distribution system.
Burner: Burns and delivers gas.
Ducts: Transfers the heated air throughout the home.
Flue: Exhausts byproducts of combustion to the outside.
Blower Motor: Distributes air throughout the ducts.

Avoiding Costly Repairs

Even if you just have a question or are looking to learn more about your heating unit, ACE is here to provide you with information you need to make an informed decision. We want you to be comfortable with your choices and know you are making the right call by choosing ACE! The following are some tips to help you avoid costly repairs:

Schedule Annual 20-Point Tune-Ups: It is important to get your units serviced every year. This will help prevent breakdowns and keep your unit running efficiently. Tune-ups are cost effective and can save you on replacing expensive parts before they break beyond repair.

Schedule Annual Coil Cleaning: The cleanliness of your coils affects both airflow and air quality. Dirty coils can restrict air and end up costing you more money as your unit pushes to keep your building at a comfortable temperature.

Schedule Cleaning for your Ducts: In order to keep your ducts ventilating clean, quality air, you should schedule a cleaning appointment for your vents every three years. Like your coils, your ducts can become dirty and end up costing you more in the long run.

Contact ACE Home Services: Questions about our heating equipment repair services? ACE is here to help you with ALL your service needs, even plumbing and cooling. Since 1994, ACE Home Services has provided top-tier customer service and competitive pricing to our Phoenix business customers.