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ACE Commercial A/C 21-Point Tune-Up Includes:

Commercial Thermostat Icon

#1 Test Thermostat

Test your thermostat regularly to make sure its settings reflect the unit’s operating behavior.

Commercial Plenum Icon

#2 Scan the Plenum

Look for problems with your commercial A/C’s plenum pan gasket and related components.

Commercial Inspect Ducts Icon

#3 Survey Air Ducts

Inspect air ducts for any obvious issues – debris, obstructions, and/or visible damage.

Commercial Air Duct Leak Icon

#4 Look for Duct Leaks

Check out the duct system for any possible leaks that need to be repaired.

Commercial Condensate Icon

#5 Look at the Condensation Drain Pan

Make sure the condensation pan isn’t pooling or leaking and water flows properly.

Commercial Condensation Drain Icon

#6 Investigate Condensation Drain

Ensure that your commercial air conditioner’s condensation pan drains as intended.

Commercial Blower Motor Icon

#7 Check Out Blower Motor

View the A/C unit’s blower motor to ensure is runs smooth and efficient when switched on.

Commercial Blower Motor Run Capacitor Icon

#8 Test Run Capacitor

Check out the unit’s run capacitor and ensure it operates the blower motor correctly.

Commercial Blower Wheel Icon

#9 Investigate Blower Wheel

View the blower wheel of your commercial A/C units to make sure they move freely and appear intact.

Commercial Measure Air Flow Icon

#10 Test Unit’s Air Flow

A quick test of an A/C’s air flow can reveal common issues with a commercial unit.

Commercial Safeties Icon

#11 Full Safety Review

Inspect all components from top to bottom for any dangerous, unsafe wiring, connections, etc.

Commercial Electrical Wiring Icon

#12 Test Electrical Wires & Connectors

Check each wire and its connection to ensure there are no issues with faulty wires or safety concerns.

Commercial Operation Icon

#13 Scrutinize HVAC Operation

While the unit runs, inspect all components – listen for noise, eye any problems, identify odors, etc.

Commercial Condenser Contractor Icon

#14 Go Through Compressor Contractor

Thorough once-over inspection of the compressor contractor and all its integrated parts.

Commercial Relays Icon

#15 Scan Relays

Run a test of each relay switch within your commercial air conditioning unit(s).

Commercial Capacitor Icon

#16 Investigate Run Capacitors

Test to make sure the commercial-grade run capacitors are safe and operating precisely.

Commercial Starting Component Icon

#17 Oversee Starting Components

Switch the unit from off to on to test all starting and running components fire in the correct order.

Commercial Refrigerant Icon

#18 Observe Refrigerant Pressures

An inspection of the refrigerant pressures to ensure the results aren’t too high or low.

Commercial Condenser Motor Icon

#19 Scope Condenser Motor Operation

Test the speed and voltage of your commercial air conditioning unit condenser motor.

Commercial Insulate Pipe Icon

#20 Test Tube & Panel Insulation

Survey A/C tubes and panels to ensure they have the appropriate amount of insulation.

Commercial Operation Efficiency Icon

#21 Test for Operating Efficiency

Make sure your commercial air conditioner operates efficiently and doesn’t waste electricity.

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ACE Home Services’ Commercial HVAC Tune-Up Difference

Don’t let your building succumb to the scorching desert heat this summer. Instead, rely on ACE Home Services to provide a full-spectrum tune-up that helps to keep your A/C fighting against the relentless summer heat. With daily temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, summers in the Phoenix Area can threaten the comfortability of your place and the health of your air conditioning unit. No matter what the weather forecast predicts, you should make sure your unit is in top condition and able to withstand the weather.

Here at ACE, we always deliver the most thorough inspections and effective services to our customers. If it has been a while since you last had you commercial air conditioner tuned-up, contact us today for a top-to-bottom inspection. ACE’s technicians guarantee a complete and honest maintenance tune-up. Our main concern is not only the health of your commercial A/C unit in Phoenix, but your overall satisfaction with the services in which we’ve provided. Our top-notch commercial HVAC maintenance services address all the necessary components to keep your A/C operating at its very best!

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Phoenix Residents Choose ACE Commercial A/C Maintenance

At ACE, our technicians compartmentalize the steps in our commercial HVAC tune-up procedure. Simply put, our 21-point inspection is as thorough, if not more so, than competitor’s inspections as we inspect any and every component of your commercial A/C unit that may go bad or be bad. ACE guarantees full inspections and truthful recommendations. We want to make sure you are informed about the service you are receive and comfortable with the results. We take pride in our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and strive to be the best home services company in all of Arizona.

Contact us today at (602) 483-4172 to schedule an appointment for a tune-up! Questions? Live representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be sure to ask about our current HVAC specials!

Additionally, ACE provides commercial heating tune-ups and residential A/C tune-ups in addition to all commercial plumbing, heating repair, and air conditioning needs.

You can trust your place with ACE!

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