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ACE Tips: How to Prevent Costly Commercial Air Conditioner Repairs

ACE Home Services Tip: Commercial Change Filter

ACE Tip 1: Change Air Filters Regularly

Unlike residential air conditioning units, which require their filters to be changed every month or so in Phoenix, commercial A/Cs need their filters changed less frequently. Commercial air conditioning filters are often changed every six month to year; however, the best advice is to the follow manufacturer’s suggested times.

ACE Home Services Tip: Commercial Thermostat

ACE Tip 2: Maintain Proper Usage

Commercial air conditioners are asked a lot of; often needed to cool large building – offices, grocery stores, malls, factories, etc. Make sure your thermostat settings are consistent with best times of use and that your unit isn’t running full speed all the time. Adjusting thermostat settings can make sure your unit’s life expectancy is met and it can help with controlling cooling costs. A programmable smart thermostat is the best method to achieve proper usage.

ACE Home Services Tip: Commercial Inspect Coil

ACE Tip 3: Maintain Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are one of a commercial air conditioners main components; as they are used to cool down and condense refrigerant vapor into liquid. If your condenser coils get damaged or dirty, it can severely reduce efficiency and may cause a breakdown. By regularly checking and maintaining the condenser coils, you will prevent damage from occurring.

ACE Home Services Tip: Commercial Pro Help

ACE Tip 4: Have it Professionally Inspected Annually

If you don’t know what to look for when inspecting your commercial air conditioner, it’s best to call in the pros. At ACE Home Services we have more than 20 years of experience in servicing commercial A/C units. Our 21-point commercial air conditioner inspection ensures that all components are running smoothly and as expected. If there’s something wrong, we’ll explain the issue and inform you of your options. We’ll never suggest that you have work done that isn’t necessary.

ACE Home Services Tip: Clear Debris

ACE Tip 5: Ensure Proper Sealing of Ducts

If air conditioner and heating ducts are not properly sealed, you could be loosing as much as 20 percent (or more) efficiency. If you suspect that there are leaks in the duct system, try to locate and repair them. If you are unable to locate a leak, but suspect one may be present, or if you don’t have the knowhow to fix the problem yourself, be sure to call in a professional commercial air conditioning company in Phoenix to do the job for you.

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ACE’s Commercial A/C Repair in Phoenix

No matter what type of business you are running, you don’t want your employees or customers to feel the heat. Keeping up with your commercial air conditioning system’s maintenance and repairs can be a costly endeavor. With ACE Home Services, you can get all of your commercial AC repair needs taken care of by the same trusted company that handles your personal AC repairs as well.

When you hire the pro commercial HVAC technicians at ACE Home Services, you’ll get immediate assistance. If you have an emergency and your commercial air conditioner goes out outside of normal business hours, ACE can help with that too. If your commercial A/C unit can be repaired, we’ll go with that option first. If you need to replace your commercial air conditioner, our expert installation technicians can work with you to make sure you buy an adequate unit for your square footage and cooling needs.

The Difference Professional Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Makes

While most air conditioning units use similar technologies, commercial A/C repair typically requires special training and tools to maintain warranties and ensure quality work. That’s why we have a dedicated team of service technicians who specialize in commercial air conditioner repairs and servicing. Our commercial air conditioner repairmen can handle anything from a new A/C install to the finer troubleshooting of an existing unit. Our team is also knowledgeable in the ongoing maintenance required to keep your commercial A/C unit working properly year-round, so you will have fewer repairs and lower operating costs.

ACE Home services has been helping hundreds and hundreds of of Phoenix business owners and property managers keep patrons and employees cool for more than 20 years. Our longevity in the marketplace is your assurance you’re going to get expert service.

Best of all, ACE is the home of the free service call! When ACE does the work, there’s never an extra trip charge for helping you!

Commercial A/C Repairs Performed

ACE Home Services is able to repair, replace or reconfigure your commercial AC units, as needed. We can also provide regular tune-ups and cleanings to keep your filters clear and your air clean. Our repairs cover all of the complex mechanical parts of your unit including:

  1. Evaporators Coils (that move heat to or from the air inside the home)
  2. Condensers (Coils that move air to or from the outside air)
  3. Compressors (a pump that pressurizes the refrigerant)
  4. Expansion Valves (regulates refrigerant flow into the evaporator)
  5. Fans & other Contributory Parts

In addition to performing your commercial A/C repair in a timely manner, we will also inspect all electrical leads, fittings, and other components in our 21-point inspection so we can fix problems before they damage your air conditioners.

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In addition to offering air conditioning services, ACE also provides commercial heating repair, plumbing, duct cleaning, and air quality testing. Click here to see all of our commercial services.

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