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ACE Tips: How to Avoid Costly Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

Avoid Costly Commercial A/C Repair - Change Air Filter

ACE Tip #1: Change Air Filters Every Month

Similarly to your home’s air conditioning unit, a commercial air conditioner’s filters should be changed monthly. Possibly twice a month depending on your building’s air conditioning needs. Commercial property managers often face higher A/C repairs in Phoenix and surrounding areas due to the amount of dust in the air. Because of this, air conditioners in the Phoenix Metro area often need their air filters changed more frequently than A/C units in other parts of the country. If you’re wondering which air filter is best for your air conditioner, check out this article.

Avoid Costly Commercial A/C Repair - Thermostat

ACE Tip #2: Monitor the Settings On Your Thermostat

Overworking a commercial air conditioner is a quick path to costly repairs. More often than not, an air conditioner won’t work in Phoenix due to the settings on its thermostat; and mostly the blistering heat. Monitor your thermostat settings to ensure your A/C unit turns off in the evenings and avoid running it all day and night. The best way to monitor thermostat settings is to use a digital thermostat and one that can be controlled from some smart phones can allow you to adjust the settings from wherever you have an internet connection.

Avoid Costly Commercial A/C Repair - Electrics

ACE Tip #3: Ensure Electrical Components are Connected & Functioning

Making sure the wiring and electrical connections are good in relation to your commercial air conditioner is one of the best preventative steps you can take in avoiding an expensive repair bill. This job is best left to a qualified electrician or certified air conditioner technician, so be sure to consult with one before attempting any repairs. You can, however, listen for any odd sounds or smell for any unusual, electric wire-burning smells.

Condenser Coil Icon

ACE Tip #4: Check the Condenser Coils

At least twice a year, you should have your commercial air conditioner’s coils checked and cleaned. This is a simplistic step in the overall realm of commercial A/C maintenance, but certainly one that will help to keep your pocket book fatter. If you have a power washer, this will restore your unit’s condenser coils back to new. If you don’t, contact an air conditioning professional to service your commercial HVAC unit.

Avoid Costly Commercial A/C Repair - Lubrication

ACE Tip #5: Lubricate the A/C Unit’s Moving Components

As with cleaning the condenser coils, you should try to lubricate your commercial air conditioner’s moving parts at least twice a year. By lubricating your A/C unit, you allow the moving parts to move with less friction – improving efficiency and saving you money on electricity and repairs. Not sure how to lubricate your commercial air conditioner? Simply ask your local ACE repairman.

Why Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important in Phoenix

Air conditioning maintenance probably matters more to property managers and commercial building owners in Phoenix than in other major cities around the globe. Why? Well, because we reach temperatures unlike most other inhabitable regions; causing our A/C units to work more than in cooler parts of the world. Because commercial air conditioners are asked a lot of, they definitely need to stay maintained so that they can put up with the 120-degree-plus temperatures in June and July.

Without proper maintenance of your commercial air conditioner(s), you risk the chance of an outage and for many business owners, an outage equates to lost business and lost revenue. If you can’t keep your employees, customers, or clients comfortable in your office, retail store, or warehouse they won’t want to be there. Don’t risk this happening to you. Contact your friends at ACE for commercial air conditioning repair, maintenance, or new installation. We stand behind our work.

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ACE’s Commercial Air Conditioning Company in Phoenix

Our staff here at ACE Home Services excels in commercial and industrial air conditioning repair. Whether you are looking to upgrade, replace, or simply repair your unit, ACE has the answer for you! Our experienced technicians can help find the perfect solution for you, without breaking the bank.

ACE Home Services is dedicated to its customers; providing the most comprehensive and transparent commercial HVAC service in Arizona. Choosing the best commercial A/C unit for your location can be difficult, but our staff is available around-the-clock to make sure you are satisfied with your decision.

Commercial A/C Unit Tune-Up

Our commercial air conditioning experts offer a 21-point HVAC inspection, to make sure the performance and safety of your air conditioner is adequate. Click to view our 21-point checklist.

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Commercial Equipment Repair

ACE’s commercial HVAC technicians can tackle any repair job, no matter how big or small. If your commercial air conditioner isn’t cooling, turning on, or working how it was intended to, give us a call for an honest repair estimate.

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Commercial Air Conditioner Replacement

If your commercial HVAC unit is beyond repair, you can trust ACE to advice you on a new unit that will cool the area you need cooled. We will never recommend that you replace a unit that can be repaired. If we can fix your A/C, we will.

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Residential HVAC Services

We don’t only fix commercial air conditioners, we also repair, maintain, and replace residential air conditioners too. If your rental property or personal residence is experiencing HVAC problems, we can see that your air will be blowing cold in no time.

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Don’t let your employees, customers, or tenants breathe in unsafe air by having your ducts professionally cleaned. ACE strongly believes in quality indoor air and won’t rest until all of your occupants and patrons are safe of airborne contaminants.

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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Test

Don’t assume that cleaning your air ducts will improve your indoor air quality, especially in a commercial or industrial building. In fact, the only way to know for sure if the air being breathed is contaminant free, is to have it tested professionally.

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How Our Phoenix Commercial Air Conditioning Company is Different

ACE Home Services - Commercial Difference

#1 Real Representative, Not an Answering Service

When you dial our number, we have an actual ACE representative answer your call. We do not use an answering service to relay calls.

ACE Home Services - Commercial Difference

#2 Special HVAC & Plumbing Deals

What makes a great air conditioning company? One that cares about their customers and we care! We regularly feature special offers and discounts as our way of saying thanks. Learn about our latest offers.

ACE Home Services - Commercial Difference

#3 Our Repairmen are Certified & Experienced

We don’t send just anybody out to your business to inspect your commercial A/C unit, we send a qualified technician with extensive knowledge in the field.

ACE Home Services - Commercial Difference

#4 We Do More than A/C

While ACE is a local leader in commercial air conditioner repair and installation, we also excel in commercial plumbing, heating repair, and furnace replacement.

ACE Home Services - Commercial Difference

#5 An Extensive Track Record for Execellence

For more than 20 years ACE has been helping Phoenix and surrounding residents and property managers to maintain and service their HVAC and plumbing.

ACE Home Services - Commercial Difference

#6 Fully Equipped Service Vehicles

We send each of our technicians to jobs in fully equipped trucks to make sure that they can fix the job on the spot; when possible, as opposed to making multiple trips.

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