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Ways to Prevent Costly A/C Repairs Before they Happen

ACE Home Services Tip: Change Filter

ACE Tip 1: Change Your Air Filters Regularly

It is vital for the overall health of your cooling system that dirty air filters are replaced on a monthly basis. If you run your unit with a filthy filter, you suffocate your entire system – causing it to work harder, increasing your electricity bills, and reducing the lifespan of the unit.

ACE Home Services Tip: Adjust Thermostat

ACE Tip 2: Configure Your Thermostat Correctly

Adjust your thermostat to ensure that you’re comfortable in your home. You should not set your thermostat to “on” and leave it as this will overwork your air conditioner. AC units are designed to be turned on and off and if you leave it on you are going to find yourself needing repairs more often and eventually replacing you air conditioner sooner than expected.

ACE Home Services Tip: Inspect Coil

ACE Tip 3: Maintain Condenser Coils

Condenser coils can often be problematic for cooling units; however, if they are properly maintained and inspected annually, you can avoid costly repairs. If your coils are damaged, you will lose efficiency. If you see damage on your coils, replace them before they cause permanent damage to the unit as a whole.

ACE Home Services Tip: Pro Help

ACE Tip 4: Get Annual Servicing

If you can inspect your air conditioning system on your own and conduct standard servicing tasks, do it! If you’re like most people out there and would prefer to have professionals inspect your unit, do it! We can’t stress enough the importance of having your air conditioner maintained and tuned-up each and every year. By doing this you’ll not only meet your unit’s expected lifespan, you might even exceed it. At ACE, we have offer a 21-point inspection of all major components to ensure there isn’t any damage, lose wiring, or loss of efficiency.

ACE Home Services Tip: Clear Debris

ACE Tip 5: Don’t Let Debris Pile Up

One of the biggest repair issues we see is caused by poor yard maintenance – allowing grass, weeds, and other debris to collect around the outdoor unit. When this happens, you can severely damage your air conditioner; making repairs a necessity. The best thing to do is to keep plants away from your outside system and to clean it out regularly; especially if leaves collect inside it.

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ACE’s A/C Repair in Chandler

Chandler’s challenging weather takes a toll on people, pets and cooling equipment alike. With typical 100-degree days, arid desert air and only a few inches of rain a year, Chandler wears out central air conditioners faster than the 15- to 20-year national average noted by the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy.

In fact, our technicians notice that Chandler homes and businesses seldom enjoy close to 15 years from their central air conditioners. A decade of use is typical. You may not even get that if the system in your Chandler business or home is not repaired carefully and promptly.

Why Reliability Matters in an Air Conditioner Repair Company

The harsh climate of Chandler takes a toll on central air conditioner parts both inside a structure and outside. With split-system AC, the compressor and condenser are outside, exposed to the hot sun and gusty winds. Grit and dirt get into lubrication ports on fan motors. Ultraviolet rays bake the flexibility out of rubber fan belts. If your air conditioner company doesn’t pay attention to detail, you may miss some of these small parts that cause big issues. Simply call us at (602) 943-2000 and one of our friendly customer service agents will find the answer(s) to your question(s).

ACE’s Air Conditioning Services in Chandler

Quick, expert repair is only a telephone call away when you entrust your AC system to ACE Home Services. Our highly trained technicians always approach a central air conditioner repair call with a systematic strategy:

  1. Listen to the customer;
  2. Inspect the entire HVAC system;
  3. Apply appropriate tests using modern, precise equipment;
  4. Diagnose the problem;
  5. Offer repair suggestions to the customer, including our recommendation for the best solution;
  6. Repair;
  7. Ensure proper equipment function;
  8. Clean up after ourselves.

Why go through all that? Because our clients deserve the best care, whether they are Chandler residents suffering in their homes with malfunctioning AC or a business struggling to keep customers coming despite an equipment breakdown.

Some companies may take a different approach, removing and replacing parts until they find the problem. Some may ignore a customer’s input and seek out the most expensive repair solution. At ACE Home Services, we prefer to keep clients happy – and keep clients. A small repair today, done well and fairly, usually leads to an annual inspection and a steady client for years.

Our Repair Process

Repair in today’s HVAC industry often means parts replacement. It is true that most manufacturers use interchangeable parts (yes, across brands) and a fan motor on one model can work on another. What is not true is that components themselves cannot be repaired. Many times, a part fails because it contains some smaller piece that can be inexpensively switched out, with the more extensive (and more expensive) part restored to working order.

When one of our trained, professional technicians outlines your repair choices, you can usually depend on ACE Home Services to offer:

  • A brand new, original equipment part;
  • A suitable, possibly less expensive replacement, though not from the original manufacturer;
  • An attempt at repairing the existing part;
  • You decide on the best path forward for your Chandler home, depending on your budget and plans.

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Chandler Residents Turn to ACE A/C Repairman Services

At ACE Home Services, we understand our Chandler customers’ respect for money. We never try to oversell you on parts you do not need, on a new system that could wait a few years or on accessories that add little to your home comfort. With our convenient financing plans, an annual inspection program paired with prompt repair can keep your home cool while conserving your cash.

To further help our clients, we also offer periodic special pricing on repairs, parts, service calls and other aspects of our HVAC business. Contacting ACE Home Services is the first step toward getting prompt, correct and economic central air conditioning repair. Contact us today, and we can help you keep your cool tomorrow!

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Chandler’s environment, being mostly desert, is sensitive. We feel a duty – you probably do, too – to preserve its pristine beauty and conserve our resources. AC repair is a great way to do your bit to benefit the environment. A repaired part can stay in service so you can get the most useful life out of it rather than spend money on a new part. A repaired central air conditioner can keep supplying your Chandler business or home with crisp, comforting air, rather than get scrapped prematurely.

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