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What Is the T&P Valve On a Water Heater?

T&P valve refers to the term “temperature and pressure” valve, which is an imperative part of your water heater system. This device is a safety valve that prevent the pressure inside your tank from becoming too high. This valve is normally located on the discharge pipe on top of your water heater’s tank. You can think of the T&P valve as a device similar to that of a radiator cap on your car.

Purpose of the T&P Valve

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The T&P valve helps relieve excess pressure within the tank by releasing steam and water. As temperatures within the tank rise, the water begins to expand. This causes the pressure to increase. Your tank can only handle so much pressure, in which it can explode when strained. Faulty T&P valves have been known to lead to water heater tank explosions, which are both dangerous and costly.

Testing the T&P Valve

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The T&P valve has a special handle that extends from the top of it. To test the functionality of your T&P valve simply lift up on the handle and watch to see if any hot water discharges from the overflow pipe.

Fast, Reliable Air Conditioning Service

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