Why is My Outlet Clicking?

Ever been enjoying your favorite TV show or settling down for bed when you hear a strange click? You pause, “Did I hear something?” and then it continues on a rapid-fire click coming from somewhere – is it in the wall? Take a look and you might find an outlet that’s causing quite the commotion. …

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12 Things Never to Flush

It’s been a wild past few months this year. While the toilet paper drought seems to mostly have passed, there is a fear here amongst our plumbers of just what lengths people were resorting. So. We thought it might be high time we confirm what not to flush down your toilet! Just in case. And …

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Be the Best Child This Mother’s Day With These Easy to Do Jobs Around the House

Pssst. Let’s let you in on a little secret vis a vis Mother’s Day. Flowers and candies are great, no doubt about it, but you know what would really wow her? Taking care of some things around the house! Maintenance work is usually far from the first thing on people’s minds when it comes to …

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Protect Your Home, Use UV

Times are tough right now. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many things we took for granted are being tested. People around the world are attempting to ‘flatten the curve’ by social distancing and staying home, avoiding the crowds. These people are fast learning the importance of their homes and making sure all of their fixtures …

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insulation being placed into frame

Insulation Information

It’s almost April and for us here in Phoenix, summer (and the heat that comes with it) is fast approaching. If you followed our advice last time on the blog you got your HVAC looked at and professionally cleaned and it’s working great! Before the heat fully kicks in we thought we’d talk about something …

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Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing

Last time on the blog we talked about how you can add your water heater to your Spring Cleaning routine and we’re going to keep chugging along with that theme!  This time on the ACE Home Services blog, we are looking at Spring Cleaning your plumbing! From your gutters to your shower drains, your plumbing …

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