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How Do I Fix a Furnace Not Blowing Air?

Furnace problems can result in a lot of frustration and stress. Not only can it be difficult to diagnose the problem, it can be dangerous to work with electricity or natural gas, especially without the proper knowledge and training. If you’re still having problems after reading our fixes below, please call a certified heating repairman to inspect your heating system.

3 Ways to Fix a Furnace Not Blowing Air

Furnace troubleshooting can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. There are many causes of furnace failure, but here are some things to check when your furnace is not working.

ACE Home Services - How to Fix Furnace Not Blowing Air: Check Power

#1 Make Sure There’s Power

Furnaces easily can trip breakers or blow fuses, especially if there are underlying problems or contributing factors causing an overload. It’s probably the only thing on its circuit, and thus, the only thing affected. This can make it difficult to discern whether the power’s on or not. Make sure you have power before you try other fixes.

ACE Home Services - How to Fix Furnace Not Blowing Air: Check Air Filter

#2 Check the Vents and Filters

For a furnace not blowing air, there could be a problem with the vents and filters in the system. Make sure all the vents in the house are open, and look at the filter in the cold air return to determine if it’s been improperly installed or needs to be replaced. Filters that are dirty or not installed correctly can cause reduced airflow and improper operation of the system.

ACE Home Services - How to Fix Furnace Not Blowing Air: Check Thermostat

#3 Look at the Thermostat

The thermostat must be set properly for furnaces to work like they should. The setting should be on “Auto” during normal operation, and in a central heat and air HVAC system, there should also be a switch to convert the system from cooling to heating. It should be set to “Heat” or the equivalent setting.

The temperature also should be set to your preferred setting; if it’s too low, the system won’t kick on. Check the power source, too; for battery-operated thermostats, ensure the batteries aren’t dead.

Exploring Deeper Problems

Once you’ve checked the above, you’re left with deeper problems like blower motor issues, system failure, wiring faults or other, less-accessible problems. There are multiple fail-safes on most furnaces, meaning the problem could be something as unnoticeable as a panel that’s not fitted into its place exactly.

Who to Call if Your Furnace Still Won’t Blow Hot Air

This is where the frustration and stress come into the process of tracking down furnace problems; it’s usually also when most Phoenix homeowners turn to ACE Home Services. Our knowledgeable, professional technicians have been working with Phoenix residents for over two decades. We’re always ready to help you, 24 hours a day, every day of the week! Ask us about heating tune-up specials.

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