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4 Benefits of a Rooftop Air Conditioner

Since summer is slowly starting to wear down, some people may be considering replacing their homes air conditioner. While that is a great idea, where you put the air conditioner is something that you should give serious consideration to.

An air conditioning unit can either be placed on the roof of your home or right next to your home on the ground. Either way, they provide cooling for your home, but it may actually be better to have the air conditioner on your roof.

Professionals like those at ACE’s Phoenix air conditioning repair company may be able to tell you what is best for you home but below are several facts about having your air conditioner on your roof.

4 Benefits of Placing the AC on your Roof

Here’s why you should put your AC unit on your rooftop if you can.

1. Theft Protection

ACE Home Services - A/C Unit On House Roof - Theft Protection

While the air conditioner may not look all that special, they do have some valuable equipment inside of them. Thieves can break into your air conditioner and steal those parts if the air conditioner is at ground level. So placing it higher actually protects your investment.

2. More Backyard Space

ACE Home Services - A/C Unit On House Roof - More Space

Not having the AC at ground level can actually open up your backyard. You will more room to spread out when there is not an air conditioner sitting in your yard. Getting higher up gives you more room for entertaining guests.

3. Protection from the Elements

ACE Home Services - A/C Unit On House Roof - Lawnmower

While it is important to protect the unit from a would-be thief, you also should protect it from yourself. While mowing or using a weed whacker, you run the risk of harming a ground level air conditioner. To avoid having to pay a lot of money, you may want to place it on the roof.

4. Maintenance

ACE Home Services - A/C Unit On House Roof - Dust Storm

Keeping the unit off the ground may also reduce the need for maintenance and repair. The dust storms can cause ground-level AC’s to collect a lot of dust. If the unit is on the roof, it may avoid collecting so much dust and debris that can harm the unit.

Where to Get Air Conditioning Service in Phoenix

If you are looking up air conditioning service Phoenix for more information, try contacting ACE. They can give you quotes on replacements and give suggestions on where the unit should be placed. So give them a call today.

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