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Our 21-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up Includes:

Thermostat Icon

1. Ensure Thermostat Functions Correctly

Your home’s thermostat is a very important appliance and if something goes wrong with it, you could find your self with an air conditioner that doesn’t turn on. Also, if your thermostat runs all day, every day, you are putting unnecessary stress on your cooling system; which will lead to buying a new unit sooner than you anticipated.

Plenum Icon

2. Ensure Plenum Functions Correctly

The plenum is a vital component of your air conditioner and without it, you won’t be able to heat or cool the air as you need to. We make sure the heater fires and heats and vice versa with the cooling system.

Inspect Ducts Icon

3. Ensure Air Ducts Debris-free

A quick inspection of your home’s air ducts can ensure you and your family is breathing fresh air and not contaminated with dust, debris, dander, or insect parts.

Air Duct Leak Icon

4. Ensure Ducts Don’t Leak

Even a small leak in you air ducting system can cost you a lot of money. Not only would you be cooling your attic, you’d be paying to do so and making your air conditioning unit work harder than it’s supposed to – limiting its lifespan.

Condensate Icon

5. Ensure the Condensation Pan Functions Correctly

The condensation drain pan for your air conditioner is supposed to capture water that condensates off of the cooling elements. If the pan is close to overflowing, you may have to deal with water damage in your house.

Condensation Drain Icon

6. Ensure the Condensation Drain Functions Correctly

Your air conditioning system’s condensation drain feeds the pan and if there is a block or crack in the drain, you could come home to a water-filled home.

Blower Motor Icon

7. Ensure the Blower Motor Functions Correctly

Without a properly functioning blower motor your cold air won’t be distributed through the ventilation system.

Blower Motor Run Capacitor Icon

8. Ensure the Run Capacitor Functions Correctly

The run capacitor for your cooling system has the very important job of altering current on a single-phase air conditioner induction motor to create a magnetic field.

Blower Wheel Icon

9. Ensure the Blower Wheel Functions Correctly

The blower wheel is responsible for dissipating heat from the condenser coil and without this key component the entire system could seize up.

Measure Air Flow Icon

10. Ensure Air Flow is Strong

If cold air doesn’t reach the far corner’s of your home, you may have an air flow problem; which could be a sign of a bigger issue with your cooling unit.

Safeties Icon

11. Ensure Safety of Operation

There are a lot of things that could go wrong with an air conditioner and we know each of the areas of your unit to check to ensure that the system is safe to run when the whole family is home.

Electrical Wiring Icon

12. Ensure Wiring & Connections Function Correctly

Sometimes wires and connections can shake lose, especially in older HVAC units, which is why we make sure all screws are secure and wire connection are snugly fixed together.

Operation Icon

13. Ensure Operation Components Function Correctly

To make sure the entire HVAC unit fires up and functions as intended, we put your system through a series of rigorous tests. Then we double check our findings.

Condenser Contractor Icon

14. Ensure the Compressor Contactor Functions Correctly

If you have an issue with your A/C unit’s contactor, the outdoor unit won’t switch on. This can be a major issue that takes just a few minutes to inspect and verify is in good working order.

Relays Icon

15. Ensure the Relay Switch Functions Correctly

Your relay for your air conditioner is a low-voltage switch that communicates power from the thermostat to the compressor and condenser fan. Without working properly, you could be left without cold air when you need it most.

Capacitor Icon

16. Ensure the Motor Capacitor Functions Correctly

The motor capacitor for your air cooling unit is a vital component for altering currents and creating a rotating magnetic field used to keep the unit running and cooling.

Starting Component Icon

17. Ensure Starting Components Function Correctly

Your air conditioner is comprised of numerous starting components and we make sure each of them is not only working well, but that they are firing in the correct order.

Refrigerant Icon

18. Ensure Refrigerant Pressure Functions Correctly

Refrigerant is one of, if not the, most important components of your air conditioning. If refrigerant is low or if there is a leak, the whole system suffers.

Condenser Motor Icon

19. Ensure Condenser Motor Functions Correctly

The A/C’s condenser motor has the very important job of condensing refrigerant vapor into a liquid then compress it to raise and move it along to the next component.

Insulate Pipe Icon

20. Ensure Tube & Panel Functions Correctly

A quick check of insulation to make sure key parts are kept cold while others sweat as intended is vital to keeping the A/C repairman at bay.

Operation Efficiency Icon

21. Ensure Operating Efficiency Functions Correctly

An air conditioner that doesn’t operate efficiently can be a costly one from the aspect of paying for electricity and even for potential breakdowns that might occur due to being overworked.

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How Regular Maintenance Prevents Costly A/C Repairs

There are many reasons why you should utilize our air conditioning tune-up service. First, we offer a 21-point tune-up inspection to verify every component of your HVAC system is working accordingly to our impeccable standards. Second, our track record has been consistently proven to save you money by increasing the longevity of your equipment! Lastly, we are driven by offering quality customer service for the betterment of our company by creating a life-long relationship with our customers.

ACE’s Air Conditioning Maintenance in Avondale

Allow our certified technicians to perform a full cooling system inspection before the increase in temperature arrives! We want your air conditioner running blowing cold air so that you can beat the heat all summer long.

Do not settle for another company because the tune-up checks are listed numerically higher. Advertising higher numbers mean more money out of your pocket. We guarantee our technicians will thoroughly inspect your complete system to provide you with total peace and comfort all season long.

Contact ACE Home Services today to schedule your annually A/C tune-up. Do not waste your time calling other companies for overpriced A/C tune-ups.

Just like a vehicle, preventative maintenance is required to keep it running. This is exactly what our air conditioner inspection does. Our certified servicemen check absolutely every component of your HVAC system and provide a detailed report with suggestions on any discrepancies discovered. Essentially, this will save you money down the road by extending the life of your equipment preventing total replacement.

We care about your comfort and desire to keep you satisfied as a customer. If anytime you are not happy with any of our services, please call us immediately for a resolution. Our number one priority is the sustainability of our relationship with you.

We are the best in the Phoenix area and we are excited about opening our services to the Avondale market. We know you, our customers, are excited to have the number one A/C Tune-Up professionals in the industry operating locally. We are looking forward to your call.

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Avondale Residents Choose ACE A/C Maintenance

We, at ACE Home Services, continually strive to promote and offer the best HVAC services in Arizona. We have currently begun to offer our unique services in the Avondale, AZ area. We are excited to gain new ground without losing our goal of committing to excellence. We hope to include you in our extended family of loyal customers. We offer a wide variety of other home services to fit all of your maintenance needs including heating and plumbing.

Most importantly, we set the industry standards the other companies strive to achieve. Our history of solid customer service in Arizona is indisputable. Call us today at (602) 943-2000 or visit our contact Page, so you can see the ACE difference for yourself.

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