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ACE Home Services has been beating the Avondale heat for over 20 years! We are the premier one-stop shop for all replacement or new HVAC equipment. Our knowledgeable staff and technicians are top-notch in the industry. We offer both residential and commercial air conditioner replacements and new installs on home builds and remodels.

5 Signs it’s Time for a New HVAC

More often than not, an air conditioner 10 years of age and older needs to be replaced; however, this is not the only reason you may need to install a new cooling unit. Continue reading to see some of the indications that you may need to buy a new air conditioner.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #1

Did Your Electricity Bill Just Double?

One of the most common signs of a worn and torn air conditioner is a big power bill. Your electricity use goes way up as the efficiency of your system fails. There may be other reasons for a high energy bill, so be sure to assess all other possibilities before buying a new A/C system.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #2

Do You Have Old Refrigerant?

It’s harder and harder to replace old refrigerant, like Freon, due to government regulations and the phasing out of inefficient air conditioners. A refrigerant leak will cause performance issues with an air conditioner system.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #3

Have You Made More than One Repair to Your A/C?

If you have to repeatedly call your HVAC guy out to fix your cooling system, this is a problem. Not only does money come out of your pocket to repair the air conditioner, you also pay more money to operate an old system. If the repairs don’t work, save your money up for a new air conditioner.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #4

Do You Feel Sticky When the A/C is Running?

Another telltale sign of an air conditioner on its way out is humidity in the house. If you feel humid and uncomfortable when you’re trying to cool down, you may have a bad A/C unit.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Replace A/C Unit: #5

How Long Have You Owned Your Air Conditioner?

Age does play an important factor is knowing whether or not it’s time for a new unit. Newer units run more efficiently, saving you money, plus more quietly; so your entire neighborhood isn’t awoken when your air conditioning turns on and off.

There may be additional warning signs coming from your air conditioner and a qualified HVAC technician will know what to look for and test.

Signs of Air Conditioning Troubles

For most Avondale residents, there are warning signs that your air conditioner may not be around much longer. Knowing and understanding the symptoms of an air conditioning unit that’s on its way out can help you with knowing when the right time to buy a new unit is. Here are some of the most common ailments a bad A/C will display:

  1. System short-cycling;
  2. Electricity bill soars;
  3. You feel sticky or more humid when the A/C is running;
  4. There’s a smell or loud noises when the unit runs.

Fortunately, the pros at ACE are well versed in all things that can go wrong with an air conditioner. This means we’ll know if there’s a repair that can be made to salvage the unit or if it’s too late and a new cooling system is needed.

Weather Can & Does Play a Role in A/C Health

Living in Avondale can be brutal in the summer. The scorching heat can be devastating if your home does not have an adequate A/C unit. Our courteous technicians will evaluate and determine the best possible replacement unit at a fair price. Let us worry about the technical jargon, so you can focus on keeping your family cool all summer long.

Do not hesitate when it comes to comfort. How many trip charges and maintenance bills are you going to pay to try to keep an outdated unit running? Is it time to call a different HVAC company because you are unsatisfied? Do not worry! We, at ACE Home Services, got you covered. We will make you happy the first time with a new replacement unit with a warranty.

Central Arizona temperatures will surpass 100-degree temperatures this summer and the next and the next. We want you to feel safe and comfortable knowing that you have chosen us to install a new replacement Air Conditioning unit with a warranty included.

Quality Service by Experienced Air Conditioning Technicians

Beware of other Avondale A/C companies quoting insufficient air conditioners based on your current one. Technology has changed over the years, so you may not need the same size (can be smaller or larger) to run efficiently. Many consumers are stuck with an insufficient air conditioner costing them hundreds of dollars in utility bills because of the inadequacy of some A/C salesmen. Get a complete inspection from our expert technicians including all ventilation, ductwork, and insulation to promote optimal performance for your new A/C. Even if you do not choose us, we want you to have all of the detailed information from our report.

We have TONS of information regarding A/C Replacement on our website here. Feel free to read our tips and frequently asked questions (FAQ) to determine if we suit your current needs. Also, be sure to ask about tax benefits by upgrading to higher SEER rating by Federal Regulations.

Do you like saving money? Our company is founded on our positive relationships with our customers. We want our customers to feel confident and secure in their decision to choose us for their A/C replacement services.

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3 Considerations for New HVAC Installation

Before deciding on a new HVAC unit, you must take these three factors into consideration.

ACE Home Services - J Manual Icon

1. J Manual

The J Manual is the most important tool in an HVAC technicians toolbelt. This guide helps to determine the right size air conditioner based on the size of the space that needs to be cooled. We don’t simply replace your air conditioner with one similar to your old one. We take the time to make sure you and your whole family stays comfortable throughout the seasons.

ACE Home Services - Ventilation Icon

2. Ventilation & Ductwork

Poorly designed and damaged ductwork can put a damper on your home’s cooling. We check to make sure there aren’t any obvious issues with your duct system and test the overall airflow throughout the house. Without the right air flow, your new cooling system may not reach hard to get corners of the house.

ACE Home Services - SEER Rating Icon

3. SEER Rating

New air conditioners are equipped with a SEER rating. This stands from Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and it lets the buyer now how much energy an air conditioner uses and how much it will cost to operate. Ratings go from 13 to 21 with the higher number signifying a more efficient air conditioner.

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