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Ways to Prevent Costly A/C Repairs Before they Happen

ACE Home Services Tip: Change Filter

ACE Tip 1: Swap Out Old Air Filters for New Ones Monthly

If you don’t swap out your old air filters you suffocate the cooling system. When this happens your air conditioner has to work harder, using more energy and putting more strain on the unit. This will also end up costing you more money in cooling bills and reduce the expected lifespan of the air conditioner – meaning a new A/C unit may be on the horizon soon.

ACE Home Services Tip: Adjust Thermostat

ACE Tip 2: Check the Settings On Your Thermostat

Your air conditioner’s thermostat is designed to regulate the temperature in your home and in the summer it will turn the cooling on and off as the house needs it. The problem with an incorrectly set thermostat is that the unit could be left on and in this case, you will overwork your air conditioner. Like an old air filter, this causes unwanted stress on this system and could lead you towards a replacement sooner than you’d like.

ACE Home Services Tip: Inspect Coil

ACE Tip 3: Clean Down the A/C Coils Regularly

Condenser coils collect all kinds of dirt and grit after they run for long periods of time. One of the best ways to avoid a costly evaporator coil repair is to clean the coils approximately once a year. Cleaning A/C coils is as easy as heading down to your local hardware store and buying a can of cleaner.

ACE Home Services Tip: Pro Help

ACE Tip 4: Don’t Skip Your Tune-ups

You should have your HVAC unit tuned-up twice a year – once in the spring and again in the fall. This is a vital step in maintaining your air conditioner’s health as a professional can fully assess the unit and makes small repairs along the way that will prevent a larger, more expensive one down the road. There are several A/C maintenance tasks you can do on your own as well.

ACE Home Services Tip: Clear Debris

ACE Tip 5: Don’t Let Debris Pile Up

If debris, such as leaves, construction materials, or garbage, gets too close to the outside A/C unit this could be a recipe for disaster. Make sure that there are no plants, stored items, or pets allowed near to the air conditioner

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ACE’s A/C Repair in Avondale

ACE Home Services has been fixing up air conditioners in the Arizona region for more than 20 years! Our mission is to create long-term relationships with our customers. If you are located in the Avondale area and need quick, reliable repair services, please contact us today!

Why Reliability Matters in an Air Conditioner Repair Company

Every Arizonian knows real heat when living in this blazing environment. The worst thing that can happen is your air conditioner to stop blowing cold air. We have technicians on call for these types of emergency situations. Allow ACE Home Services to take the stress and anxiety away from you with our first-class air conditioning repair services. We have an experienced workforce that is passionate about assisting you with getting your AC working like new again! Some of the common causes of A/C failures are:

  1. Age of the Unit
  2. Thermostat Issues
  3. Dirty Components
  4. Coolant Leaks
  5. Faulty Compressor
  6. Electrical Issues
  7. No Maintenance Plans

Listed below are some of the reasons to turn to ACE for all of your cooling needs:

  • Residential and Commercial Services
  • Service All Brands
  • Qualified Technicians Ready and Willing to Assist
  • 21-Point Inspection of the HVAC System
  • Financing is available

ACE’s Air Conditioning Services in Avondale

Our staff and certified technicians both have had extensive background checks to make you more comfortable to allow us into your home. Our goal is to win your trust for a lifetime, not just one service call.

Don’t forget to check out our internet discounts and coupons on our website. Also, we do offer a variety of other services which may establish us as your go-to, one-stop shop for all home services.

Our Repair Process

We have been helping people in cities in and around Phoenix with their air conditioning needs for over 20 years. We are excited to share our unique skills with the Avondale region. We are committed to providing excellent A/C repair services.

We understand the crisis of losing cold air conditioning in the middle of the boiling Avondale summers. We have the uttermost respect in our proficient staff and qualified technicians to be there to assist you whenever you call. With our 21-point HVAC inspection, we will get you back running in as little time as possible.

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A/C Repair-work Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you having problems with your air conditioner and looking for answers as to why? If so, click on one of the FAQs we’ve listed below to learn more. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us to have one of our experiences HVAC professionals help you directly.

  1. Can I Get My Cooling System Repair Financed?
  2. Can You Fix My Commercial A/C System?
  3. How Much Will I Pay to Replace My AC Compressor?
  4. Are You the Right AC Company for Me?
  5. How Can I Avoid AC Scams?
  6. Which AC Repairs Can I Do by Myself?
  7. How Much Does the AC Condenser Cost to Have Repaired?
  8. How Much Does the AC Compressor Cost to Have Repaired?
  9. How Much Does the AC Blower Wheel Cost to Have Repaired?
  10. What are Some Common Reasons for My AC Problems?
  11. How Much Does the AC Evaporator Coil Cost to Have Repaired?
  12. Do I Have AC Electrical Problems?
  13. What are Some Ways to Make My Cooling System More Efficient?
  14. Is there Anything On My AC I Should Check After a Storm?
  15. How Much Does the AC Freon Cost to Have Repaired?
  16. Why Won’t My Cooling System Cool?
  17. Can I Wait to Make My AC Repairs?
  18. How Much Does the AC Ductwork Cost to Have Repaired?
  19. How Do I Know if My Cooling Unit Refrigerant is Low?
  20. Is there a Way to Tell if My Compressor is Shot?
  21. Does Your Company Do Carbon Monoxide Leak Tests?
  22. Is it Okay to Ignore the Sound My Air Conditioner Makes?
  23. Can I Prevent a Breakdown Before it Happens?
  24. How Much Does the AC Condensation Pan Cost to Have Repaired?
  25. How Much Does the AC Drain Cost to Have Repaired?
  26. How Much Does the AC Dry-charge Cost to Have Repaired?

Avondale Residents Turn to ACE A/C Repairman Services

ACE has been a staple of air conditioning repair in Avondale for more than 20 years. When Avondale residents are suffering under the relentless Arizona sun, ACE is the company more people turn to. Thanks to your friendly customer service and knowledgeable techs, we’ve earned a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. Discover the ACE difference for yourself and call us to fix your air conditioner.

Please remember to check our website for financing information and specials we have to save you money on repairs. For more information or your questions answered, please call (602) 943-2000 or contact us via email.

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