Average Cost of a Central A/C Unit

Average Costs of a Central A/C

If you are considering installing a new central air conditioning unit, then cost may be an
important factor in your decision making process. Most homeowners in the Phoenix area spend anywhere from
$4,539-$7,523, with an average reported cost of $6,031. At the very most, you can expect to pay
$11,000. During the hot months of summer, you want to make sure your home has properly
working air conditioning. Keep reading to learn about the costs of air conditioners and what to

Don’t Want Central A/C? Here Are Your Options!

Central air conditioners use duct systems that work in conjunction with a heating system to
keep your home cool and comfortable. If a central A/C is out of your budget or not right for your
home, then you may want to consider your options:
● Window units: a single A/C system that can be installed directly in your window
● Split systems: either ductless or central systems that can be installed inside and outside of
your home
● Portable units : easily transportable A/C unit that can moved around the house from room
to room

Which Type of A/C is Right For Your Home?

In order to avoid high electric bills and get the most out of your A/C, you should pick one
that fits the size of your home. For small spaces, window units and portable units are your best
bet. If you have a spacious home with lots of room, you will want a central A/C or split system
A/C that can circulate air throughout the entire area. If you aren’t sure which system is right for
you, you can consult a local professional, who can come to your home and give you a
comprehensive recommendation. Different A/C systems have different features and performance
abilities, which can be overwhelming when trying to pick the right unit for your home. Let your
friends at ACE Home Services help with your decision!

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