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Protect Your Sewer Line From Tree Roots

Living in Phoenix doesn’t mean you have to settle for desert landscaping. However, your choice of tree and your landscaping methods are important to the integrity of your sewer line.

1. Choose the right tree:
A slow-growing, small tree is preferred if you are going to plant a tree near a sewer line. Unlike a more aggressively growing tree, a slow-growing small tree is less likely to pierce a sewer pipe. If it does cause any damage, it will be minor and can be remedied before a more serious problem is maples.

2. Replace your tree:
If you prefer large, fast-growing trees, you can still enjoy them. If you replace them every ten years, it will decrease the chances of the roots growing deep and penetrating the sewer lines..

3. Consider landscaping:
Mapping out how your landscaping is arranged is important if you are building or upgrading sewer lines. This is how a professional approaches landscaping – and you should too. Building lines away from the path of growing trees prevents serious problems later.