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Call ACE HOME Services any time you have an issue arise with you’re A/C unit. ACE specializes in Air Conditioning Replacement services in Phoenix, AZ. With more than 25 years serving the valley and an A+ rating with the BBB you can’t go wrong!


If you think it’s time for you to get air conditioning replacement, call Ace Home Services to help you make the right decision & find the right A/C.

When it’s time to decide if you need a new air conditioner, you want expert help. Especially if you’re looking for air conditioning replacement in Phoenix, AZ where it’s hot – really hot! Ace Home Services has a 20 year history of satisfied customers and some hints to help you decide if now’s the time.

It’s a big decision and a big purchase. Maybe, you saw it coming with an old A/C that just couldn’t keep up with the heat last year. Or, possibly, you just think the time if right to take advantage of all the new technology. Here are some tips to help you decide whether the time if right for air conditioning replacement in Phoenix, AZ.

The age of your unit

You can expect a well-maintained A/C to last somewhere between 10 and 20 years. However, if you A/C is older than 10 years and needs an expensive repair, you may want to replace.

How much can you save on utility bills

if your old A/C has been working too hard, it’s probably been costing you too much. Air conditioning replacement may pay you a bonus – lower utility bills this summer and into the future. Technology changes and one of the biggest changes in A/C units is that they are now more energy efficient.

How often you need repairs

Stop and think. How many times in the last year or two have you had to call for repairs? If the past few years have brought more and more service calls or if you know you’re facing a major repair, it may be time to quit trying to hold that old A/C together and enjoy a new A/C and its warranty!

Does your unit use R 22 Freon

Freon is being phased out by the federal government. It’s one of the strategies to help all of us save energy. However, the downside has been substantial increases the cost of Freon. You’re going to have to make the switch to the new refrigerant (R410A) and a new air conditioner sooner or later. Is sooner better? Weigh the costs if your air conditioner is having major problems or needs constant repair –especially if part of the repair is adding Freon again and again. It may be time to think about air conditioner replacement in Phoenix, AZ.

Are you comfortable?

This is realty the most important deciding factor. You want to come home, relax, be comfortable and sleep well. If you home is uncomfortably warm, it’s not happening. If your home just never cools down and you hear you A/C struggling to catch up, a new air conditioner might mean a more comfortable home and a lower utility bill.
If you found yourself nodding in agreement to one or more of the above, it’s time to talk to the experts at Ace Home Services about air conditioning replacement in Phoenix, AZ. And, the time to get started is right now. The last thing you want is to have your air conditioning stop working when the temperatures are over 100 degrees – and you know that in Valley we’ll see that and more. The hottest day in Phoenix was 122 degrees in June 1990! Think about facing a temperature like that without a working air conditioner.
Of course, this is a major purchase so you are going to want to get several bids. Just make sure that Ace is one of the companies you call for air conditioning replacement in Phoenix and across the Valley. They’ve got the brand name air conditioning unit you want – one that is energy efficient and right for your home. They’ll give you the right price for your budget and work hard for your business. Here are some of the things Ace Home Services can do for you:

Start with Manual J

You might not know what it is, but Ace Home Services does. It’s a calculation based on your home – the heat loss and gain that comes from your windows, the size you for home and more. If an A/C salesman just wants to replace the unit you have with the same size unit, that’s not enough. A different sized A/C may be more correct and give you both a cooler home and energy savings. It has to be right!

What about your duct work

Do different areas of your home have different air flow? The problem may be with your ductwork. When you need air conditioning replacement in Phoenix, AZ, you want a professional who understands ductwork and can fabricate what you need without a middleman. Ace can!

How many SEERS

A SEER is a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and today’s A/C units range from 13 to 21 SEERS. Every time you go in SEER ratings, the unit is more efficient and may make you more comfortable. But, price also increases with the SEER rating. You need an expert like Ace Home Services to guide you to the SEER that is exactly right for your home!

If you have decided that you do need air conditioning replacement in Phoenix, AZ, get ready to ask questions. You want to be sure you’re making the right choice. Ace Home Services understands that. They are ready to give you the honest answers you need. They’ll help you make a good decision – because, after all, it’s a decision you’re going to be living with for years and years to come. Ace carries a selection of brand names that you know are as trustworthy as Ace is. Ace will give you options – and they’ll give you all the information and knowledge you need to feel confident in your decision.

You’re going to love having a new A/C – with a warranty! Just think – no more repair bills! Instead, you’re going to enjoy a cool and comfortable summer no matter if there’s record setting heat. You don’t want to take a chance that your old A/C is going to quit working on the hottest day of the year. So, don’t wait. If you think it’s time for air conditioning replacement in Phoenix, AZ or anywhere in the Valley, it’s time to call Ace Home Services at (602) 483-4792 and make an appointment for an Ace expert to visit you in your home. Together, you’re going to find the right unit and the right price! Join the hundreds and hundreds of Valley residents who know that they can trust their place to Ace!

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